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I HATE this hobbie, or do i....


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Damn this straight shaving malarky, allthough im fairly new to it im allready struggling with stopping myself going to town and buying these beautiful razors/hones/strops etc etc....the list goes on.

For instance, ive recently found this website (i think i may have seen it in a forum somewhere), and now im struggling not to buy the thiers issard solid horn 5/8 extra hollow ground or the wacker antik 6/8 extra hollow ground or the dovo bergische lowe or the dovo prima klang.....etc etc (as you can see im taking a liking towards the extra hollow grounds).

For the time bieng my willpower is strong....but a little birdie tells me this might not be so when those hones in the vault become available ;) ....i want a more rectangular and longer stone than i have now - im finding it bloody difficult to learn on my oddly shaped one (allthough I love it to bits!)

Looks like I may have to find more paid work at uni after all...
I feel your pain... I'm not even going to tell you how much I spent on my razor business this year. Take the most ridiculous figure that you can imagine and multiply it by 3 and I bet you aren't even close:scared:

Don't regret a penny of it though ;)
thats why I scour car boots and get my kit for 50p a time.

Most money I have paid is for a renaisance at £60

Next £5 on a W@B

rest of my 20 ish store were 50p

I enjoy restoring them

Too easy to buy new!!
Cheers Tim, you actually just saved me 178 euros!

My guitar amp is selling on ebay and ends today, and is at £200 bid atm - so i thought what the hell I have abit of extra cash coming my way, and was at the online checkout with that Wacker Antik, then remembered you said you get yours for 50p and thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

So anyhow - muchos gracias!
All well and good to save around the edges, but when it comes time to buy your hone, mortgage the cat and the neighbors aged aunty, if necessary. Strictly as an emergency funding source, you understand, due to overwhelming demand in the near term. Just don't diddle about, SNAG it.
You are absolutely right...Hate this hobbie as well :p

It was all very simple in the beginning : Buy a SR and hone it. So I did....then another hone was needed. Then another SR...and a finer hone..Then a lot of 7-9 razors came along...pins needed...wood for rescaling needed...a Dremel needed...more pins..a 12k chinese hone..Ray`s balsa strop(great little gizmo!!) a few more old rusty razors..a new and better hone(I thought)...a small hammer,mirror polished offcourse...piles of different small gadgets and tools...old hones from my grandfather....And now I realize a life without a Coti is not worth living :cry:

Not easy being a SR lover on a low budget :(

Happy hone hunting..
Hahah, I was watching Dremels yesterday in a warehouse (or whatever you call these large markets with tools, construction stuff etc).

Speaking of which, Torben, do you use Dremel on the blade for some more serious polishing / rust removal? Or is this too risky concerning the speed or metal removal, or anything? I was trying some minor polishing and black spots removing, but doing it by hand and just with polishing paste was extremely time consuming.

kind regards,
Actually I have two Dremels...erhmmm.. Had an old one that is used as a spare now. So got a new genuine Dremel..and its very usefull. Dont tell the guyes here that I use it,but it is really great for sanding down and polishing scales and blades. Its great for details and "small spot polishing"...but beware of the hi-speed!It gets extremely hot depending on the speed. Take it slow and carefully.In addition I use a hard felt wheeel...well two,with different kinds of pastes..and a third one for fine buffering.That is on two different machines.
The Dremel is great for cutting of pins(and polishing/cutting down badly pinned scales, doing curvature on scales etc.Its a usefull tool...