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i want my baby


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I know it is petty, but I have waited an exorbitantly long time for my new coti from Ardennes. Considering I think I ordered this thing 50 years ago (three weeks), I feel that I deserve what is currently sitting at my post office.
This story starts in the middle when I started having a bad week last week. I felt like my coti would show and help me to feel better. Today I spent much of the day at home waiting for the mail. He never knocked on my door. When I went to the mailbox to get the junk mail and bills (blah) I found a tag saying that he missed me for the delivery. That pissed me off as he never picked his fat old self out of the truck to knock on my door (he didn't even drive to my house). Anyway, then I had to laugh as I looked at who the package was from on the little slip and instead of Maurice, it said Mauria.
So now my new Les Latneuses is sitting on the other end of town cold and crying. To add insult to injury I don't get out of class tomorrow until 9 pm. Which means I won't get to play with it.
Come to think of it I still haven't gotten my strop from Torolf.
I will post pics when/if it ever gets here.


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Oh, one of my favorite hobbies, cursing the mailman!:D

I always find things show up two days after I have given up on getting them. But then I am rather impatient as well...



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Don't get me started. I'm also waiting for a package sent from abroad. Tracking stopped as soon as it reached the douane (import authorities). There it's been stuck for about three weeks now. :mad:


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I feel for you Gerrit, our postal service has a secret policy of leaving any heavy parcels at the post office, and using highly honed (sic) ninja skills to put a card through the door instead :blink:

Best regards and wishing you a speedy and happy collection

Ralfson (Dr)


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Well,my La Veinette was spending a week in solitary at the postoffice before she was picked up...mostly because the delivery guy named the sender as " Bubber Games" when it in fact was "Maurice"....She survived without major traumas though..



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I feel your pain man. I had to wait 7 business days for a package that was sent ExpressPost. The sender was also located in Canada so no customs issues. Based on the information on Canada Post's website, it should have taken no more than 2 business days...I just love how inefficient our postal service can be...


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My mailman in ny does the same thing to me all of the time, it drives me nuts. Ill get out and chase the truck only to see him driving away soon followed by me pulling a notice from my box saying I wasn't home.

I was chasing you!

Seriously...get out of the truck.


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I haven't had any serious issues with the postal service here but..... Whenever something gets delivered by courier as opposed to the normal postal service, the package invariably ends up at Dalkeith Road instead of Dalkeith Avenue. Retards.
Tuffnells (Courier company) called me one day to say they tried to deliver a parcel (Containing a turbotorch and some other plumbing gear to fix what I shouldn't of broken in the first place) and I was not in. They said I could collect the parcel from the depot or give my permission to leave it in a designated place. I said: "If you go around the back of the house, there is a wooden shed. Tell him to leave it in there". They said: "Certainly sir".
I came home form work and went straight to the shed to get my parcel. "Hmmm..." (Looks again). "No way..." (Ransacks the shed). "Some dirty little scally b@$!%rd stole my f***in turbotorch". I was not pleased.
So I went in to the house and found the number for the depot. Closed. Not happy. So I opened a beer and sat sat there with a head on me like a bull waiting to call them in the morning. Then a knock came at the door. It was my alter ego from Dalkeith Road, with a parcel for me. He said he came home in the van to find the parcel jammed in underneath his car.
You would think that if you came to the address to find a brick garage at the side of the house and no wooden shed round the back that you might figure you were at the wrong address. Apparently not. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Retards!
Luckily the parcel was not damaged.


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I can see why you were so anxious. She's gorgeous!

I have a feeling we're not going to hear from Gerrit for awhile, ;)


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She's about a 50 x 120, but she's a bout, just a little off of square. I actually just spent four hours in a lecture with an exhausting person. I won't get to play with it until thursday if I decide to dull a razor, saturday if I get some scales done or if Chris is willing to wait a little longer for his brush I could spend this whole weekend on it! I should post a thread about my other new coticule. Do you guys have any thought on my new "laty?" Sorry that was way worse than I thought.


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Well Chris some things have changed I will be able to play around with her Thursday a little bit, then this weekend I will be turning and finishing brushes and scales. :)
This should be a good weekend. I should dig out the belgian beers before I spend sometime playing with my belgian hones. Oh man, I need a belgian razor! Are there any belgian razors?