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I will _try_ to make brushes ;-)


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Following in the footsteps of my dear friend Sir Ralfy...Hav`nt got his skills or experience though. So will have to go for "wood only" handles´. Made one in wenge,just to try it out. It was okay,but it`s still in need of final finishing and a knot offcourse.So these knots were ordered today:

22mm Cream Boar
20mm Pure Badger
20mm Cream Boar

As I have acces to 5-6 different types of exotic wood ( for free or more likely....a few beers)
this is a cheap way off getting different types of brushes:thumbup:

Wonderful Torbs old buddy!

I know they will "Turn" out to be delightful, as you already know I have total faith in your skills, and wish you every success, the knots I have used from TGN have all been spot on too.

I see you have the cream boars, I know that Sir Bart likes a natural Blonde! :thumbup:

My Best Wishes
The Older
No. 1. is finished.

Wenge really isnt very good for wood turning,but as this one is considered as a practise job,it`s okay.

This is a 20 mm. Creme Boar knot. Havnt tried it yet but will tonight.


Thats wonderful Torbs! :thumbup:
Very nice indeed my friend, see I said you would make a great brush!
I wish you many many happy lathers with her

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)

Nice polish as well. I like the way to Wenge turned out. It's glossy, but one can still see it's wood.
I believe the knot could have been put in a bit deeper.
Yes,the hole for the knot should have been slightly deeper.Next time..still have two left:thumbup:

"To be or knot to be.That`s the question"

Kind regards
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As you were, discussing Torben's new brush,