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ILLINOIS STROP #127 any suggestions?


Well-Known Member
I am in need of a strop and was wandering if anyone has had any experience with an ILLINOIS STROP #127 23" X 2&1/2" with a gold horse head at the top? Is it better to get one new or one that's already broken in, but in good shape. Also What would be a fair price for this strop used?:confused:

Yes, I have. It is cheap and flimsy. I have no idea why anyone would charge USD 45 for it, if you can have a real strop for USD 65. This strop is just an example, because I like the way you can add different types of leather or canvas to this one later. There are other high quality strops available in this price range, too. Basically, I consider money spent on an Illinois strop a mis-investment.