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Instant flea bites?


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I had a shave with my brand new Taylor's cream - thanks Gary, great lather, nice scent and sorry I didn't let you know earlier it arrived. There's an issue however, once I finished the shave (which I'll cover in details in another post! :thumbup: ), I noticed some specks near the edge, where most lather accumulates. I thought it I didn't wash the blade properly, but alas!, t'was rust!

Two questions:

  1. [li]Is it possible to get some stains on the blade during as short time as a shave? I'm nearly sure there weren't there when I was starting, I oil my gear after each shave.[/li]
    [li]Sounds ridiculous to me, but I'll ask it anyway - can some shaving products promote rust? :scared: [/li]

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<edit:> Whooa, I missed my 100[sup]th[/sup] post! Hooooray! :D
Matis, congrats with the 100's post. You're the guy with the gloves now. Till someone else hits the mark. (Please keep this information to yourself, we don't want to scare new members)

Rust spots. I believe steel to be a big influence. O1 steel is very popular among knife and razor makers, because it possesses all the right features except one. It's know to attract rust very easily. Other non-stainless steels may not be so quick to develop spots. The level of polish is also a contributing factor. Satin finishes (Dovo and others) are said faster to attract oxidation.

As to soaps, creams, even the hardness (or better softness) of your tap water, being a factor in this process: most certainly yes.

I oil my blades after each use. Obviously, I wipe the oil off before shaving, but I still believe the remnants protect my razors while shaving.

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