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Interesting Observtion..


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As I was thinking of how to properly hone my newly acquired Wacker Jungmeister 7/8 razor I thought well what did I do with my TI to get it to another level?


Added two layers of tape (I always hone with one layer to set the bevel, but instead of adding a second one I added two more layers) WOw what a difference. The razor will now pass HHT with ease right off the hone. I would say that it's probably close to a HHT 3 off the hone with no stropping whatsoever. Now for the test shave!


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Well success yet again! I was determined to succeed with the diluctor method so I took my old 6/8 full hollow razor to task. Since the razor has a fairly wide bevel, I decided to proceed with two layers of tape. I et the bevel and then did about 18 dilutions followed by a good splash of water and rince with water only. After a good stropping session, the razor passes the HHT test with ease. I would rank it at HHT 4. Can't wait to shave with it! Now I just need to try the same method with my other stone. Hopefully my 2 double arrows will show up tomorrow so that I can practice on those.




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Hey guys,

well I shaved with the dilucot razor this morning. I can't really comment on the overall quality of the shave as I was in a real hurry and the gf was screaming at me to hurry up. I felt no tugging at all. I did however notice that the blade might have a small crack near the heel. it runs vertically and is noticeable. I'm debating whether or not I should use the razor again.


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Might have a small crack ouch
pressing beside the suspected crack wit your fingernail should tell you more

Now is it a crack or not?
Can you remove it by reshaping the heel?

Hope you have good news
Oh and if you can get a picture that would be good


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Just to add, if the blade is cracked near the heel, you can still use it as a perfectly good practice razor, you could even hone the cracked area right back, and simply consider that section of the blade unused if you needed to.

Ralfson (Dr)


I had a razor with a crack at half an inch from the toe, running up the blade for 1/2": sufficiently large to allow bending the two "halves" of the blade in opposite directions. But still the razor was perfectly honeable.
I gifted the razor to a friend who wanted a practice razor, and now he shaves with it regularly.


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That sounds dangerous unless the toe was cut down first :scared:
Just imagine the crack opening during shave to grab him or breaking ceating two extra spikes


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Restored a nice Fox Cutlery razor the other day and while setting the bevel discovered a crack about 1/2 inch (13mm) from the point that ran about 3/16th inch (4mm) up the belly.
I finished honing and she turned out to be an excellent shaver... my only fear is a whisker getting between the crack and tugging... hasn't happened yet... but doesn't mean it's 100% safe but i am not too worried.

I may make her into a shorty and re-size the scales