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Interesting video


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A fellow on SRP has posted a link to a new video from How Things Are Made on Dovo razors here:
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It was kinda neat to see the process.


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It that a Coticule I see? ... lol and notice how close to her thumb she does the HHT, Mmm maybe thats why I had to re hone my Dovo???

Its interesting to see how things have changed with Dovo, there is another video that shows them doing things a little differently here and there

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Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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hhhmmmm. I noticed that HHT thing too:)
It's definately packaged for mass consumption. I wouldn't mind watching something with a bit more substance to it.
They sure do seem to have moved into the 21 century though.
I couldn't tell if that was a coti or not. It looked like a big synthetic to me, just based on it's dimensions BWTHDIK? It looked really thick :confused:

The German video looks a little better... except I can not speak a word of German.

Progress has put at least one poor fellow out of work


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Prior has been said and believed that the blade warping is caused by tempering.
But watching those videos, you can see that the warped edge is /or can be/ created by poor grinding after all. Possible cause is when the grinders hand isn't moving along straight line. Tempering cannot be a culprit, because after tempering the worker checks all rawlings and straightens them on anvil when needed.
What do you think about this conjecture?

Secondly, I want to ask if anyone knows or has used straight razor regrinding service? For example, I have several very good razors that are with wide bevels and bit to heavy hone wear on spine... as you may have them too. It would be nice to save them. I believe that spotting this Klaus Braun guy from Solingen cannot be very difficult or impossible task. Maybe we can act together... I will have very difficult to do this alone because my German language is poor.