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Introducing myself


New Member
Hello everybody,
My name is Gianguido, but 'cause even in Italy, my Country, is a long and unsual name, my friends use to call me Gianga and even me i like it more than my real name. Anyway i'm honored to be a member of this forum and I wish to learn as much as I can about the wet shaving world: i get into it by chance, talking with a friend of mine and I've became more and more curious about it. More than one year is already past and now I have a little safety razor collection and I never get bored to learn more about razors, brushes and especially wet shaving history starging from early 2000 until now.
Well...That's it. Thanks a lot again to acsept me in your forum.
P.S.: Truly sorry about my english....


Well-Known Member
Welcome Gianguido You're in the right place to learn more about razors. My friend, we need to see this small collection of yours. What type of razors are you interested in?


New Member
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Hello Walid,
thanks a lot for your warm welcome!!!...I'm interested in DE razors, not (yet) in vintage Gillette from the 40'/50', but the much more recent safety razors especially the ones produced starting from 2012/20.
Onestly i'm a disaster with computers and i'll be glad if somebody teach me how to post pictures on this forum so i will can show you all my razor collection if somebody is interested in to.
Thanks a lot agai for acsepting me in your forum.
Best Regards,