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Is there a right and wrong way to snap a de blade in half?

A common barbershop way is to simply bend a wrapped blade together. You hear the snap then unfold and either tear the wrapped blade in half wrapper and all, or unfold the snapped blade, remove half from the wrapper for use, and leave the other half in the wrapper to store. Some remove the outer wrapper first but I do not. This does not appear to damage the edge at all. I sometimes snap three or four and have an easy pile later.

A quick bend and its a snap!
That’s why I thought was doing it wrong! Bending the edges all the time

There may be razors that are designed such that you cannot use a snapped blade successfully, but if you are using the ubiquitous swing lock type of shavette straight razor there are no concerns with a snapped blade, bends and all. The Leaf razor makers recommend a snap technique for loading their blades as well. You can indeed cut them, but there can be bending also when doing so. There may be shaving applications where it can cause trouble, but I am not familiar with any. (Yay! Finally a use for a Derby with this demonstration photo!)

Ahhhh ok I see now, and I also see why the small bends really are not an issue I think I was making a bigger deal out of it than I needed to after all….. as we tend to overthink things sometimes I was just thinking that it would affect the alignment of the cutting edge but clearly that’s not the case
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These days there are several of what folks call SHaDE razors, a single edge head machined to use a DE. There may be the odd razor of this type where the machining tolerances can’t handle the slight bend. I am not sure as I haven’t personally experienced one of these. The ones I have noticed folks comment on online seem to accept a snapped blade as well though.

That said, one could argue that cutting the blade is safer and prevents any risk of edge damage. I figure it may be a perfect case of YMMV - as long as you get two out of one, you should be good to go.
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