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Jan. 19th 2020 - Jan. 25th 2020


Well-Known Member
Razor: REX Ambassador
Blade: Voskhod
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: TOBS Sandelwood
Brush: AP Shave Co 24 mm Cashmere Black handle
Aftershave: Di Barba Alum
Aftershave: None
Aftershave: Cien After Shave Balsem
EDT: No. 1
Stirling 26/54,
Lea classic,
Paradigm diamondback on Stork consul handle,
Gillette 7 o'clock permasharp stainless (2),
Axe dark temptation on ice.


I do like the lesser heft of the Stork, but the balance with the original Diamondback handle seems to be better.
Or is it just my eye? I like to keep razors complete and in original assembly ...

Have a nice Sunday!

Pre-Shave: Bleubeards Revenge
Shaving Soap: I Coloniali Mango

After Shave: Obsession for men
Eau de Toilette: Obsession for men

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 26 mm. Fan Silvertip Badger DO1

DE-Razor: IKon 102 slant
DE- Blade: Feather 2x

With the row of Sunday soaps like Acqua di Parma and Penhaligon's we can definitely count the I Coloniali.

What a wonderful smell this soap has and what a shame that its production has stopped.
OUMO Tuxedo 30mm
Mama Bears - Cabin in the Woods
Tatara Nodachi
Lord Super Stainless (1)
Humprey’s Astringent
Myrsol Aqua Balsamica
Stirling Bergamot Lavender ASB

Again suprised by this razor. So Smooth and effective! Even with this Lord blade, which is not among the best, I got a very nice shave. Have a good day!

Pre-Shave: Bleubeards Revenge
Shaving Soap: Sweyn Forkbeard Peppermint

After Shave: Extro Arancia Italiana
Eau de Toilette: Extro Arancia Italiana

Shaving Brush: J&T Notenhout OUMO 30 mm. Fan SHD HMW Silvertip gel tip

DE-Razor: IKon 102 slant
DE- Blade: Feather 2x
Feather Popular with a new Astra Green blade .
Muhle Fiber Synthetic brush .
I'm testing a soap , and it will come on the market soon .
The result is amazing , no chemical shit , but a pure natural , with a verry nice fresh smell .
Easy lathering , good glide , and even better as a lot off soaps i own .
I askt permission to use the makers name , Biolijf Oldskool !
Another one is comming soon with the postman , so , more to come .
3 passes , and smooth again !
Brad Sears/Morris & Forndran 1XL in Finest Badger, Disco Haze
CBL - Grassroots Lavender
Treets (2)

I love CBL soaps.
Not sure if the bloodletting shaves are caused by the frankendonia or the treets. Will find out.