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jewelers loupe for examining edge?


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I do not own a microscope, all i have is a magnifying glass. I have great eyesight but cannot see the honning pattern & or the microscopic flaws that well. I'm wondering if a jewelers loupe (wich is pretty cheap on ebay I might add) will give close to or the same magnification as a microscope? Anyone use or have experience with a jewelers loupe?

Also would be nice size to put in my shaving bag!;)
Shaving bag: 3 straights, 4"X2" coti/bbw and slurry stone in a fitting box, small water bowl, electric tape, & HHT hairs

starting bid $0.01 and free shipping in USA:lol:

Thanks guys,


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I believe the 30X will do very nicely, thats what Gary uses I think :thumbup:

You may want to read this article, it is good advice indeed:

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Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Well for a newb like me, I'm hoping it will help me track my progress or lack of visualy. Also it will give me a better idea of how well polished the blade is getting on the final stages of honning. I think, I hope, I don't know.

still learning,


I have a loupe, and I use it to detect chipping. Otherwise, I don't think it's required. Remember Ockham: Don't make things more complicated than they are. The HHT can guide you through the entire process - I've seen a certain Belgian do it, and it's worked for me, too.


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I have a 20x loupe and it is indeed handy for checking the bevel for scratch patterns along the whole bevel. It is especially good looking at permanent marker contact on the edge and spine. I agree that simplest is best, but it is interesting to see how things progress through the process and can answer some questions you cannot get from anywhere else. A tiny crack perpindicular to the edge comes to mind. If you have the money, I would highly recommend the image erecting pocket microscopes from "Peak". The 50x is great, but I use my 25x more. They are in the $75 range. I think there is one in the photo of my cat that I updated on the test forum. If you get the loupe, all you need is very good light and a steady hand. Sincerely, Dennis


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They are useful and fun to have but they will not solve issues magically and aren't necessary. :thumbup: