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July 31th - Augustus 6th


Well-Known Member
Razor: Timeless Bronze 0.38
Blade: Voskhod
Pre-Shave: Proraso green Pre-shave
Soap: Monsavon Bol a Raser
Brush: AP Shave CO 24mm Sinbad black handle
Aftershave: De Vergulde Hand Alum with the beautiful nice blue feet
Aftershave: Caola Barbon After Shave, lots of menthol (Hungarian)
Aftershave: Faena aftershave balm


Well-Known Member
Sommerset's shaving oil
La Maison du barbier synthetic brush
Tabac shaving stick
WTF slant + unbranded personna
De vergulde hand alum
TFS witch hazel
Erica's rooibos as lotion, prep balm

Not much variation here. Tabac is performing well tough.