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La Dressante au Bleu


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Here's a La Dressante au Bleu that I currently have in my arsenal. Interestingly enough, there was some dispute over at B&B about it being a La Nouvelle Veine, based on the blue (or gray) lines on the side. Speed on slurry was slow to moderate, and slow on water.

What do you think, La Dressante au Bleu or La Nouvelle Veine?



Click to see full size.

th_ldb00001.png th_ldb00002.png th_ldb00003.png th_ldb00004.png th_ldb00005.png
th_ldb00006.png th_ldb00007.png th_ldb00008.png th_ldb00009.png
th_ldb00010.png th_ldb00011.png


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The person who felt it was LNV was going based off the lines on the side.

Which leads me to my next question. Jarrod from The Superior Shave (the king of customer service), mentioned that La Dressante au Bleu was like a mix of La Nouvelle Vein and La Grise. Can anyone who has tried both LDaB and LNV elaborate on your findings? I understand that no two stones are identical. It just seems to me that there is very little discussion of this vein.


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I've owned a few la nouvelle veines before, I love that layer, and this stone looks different..


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Here's a similar stone (sparq's) to mine that Bart declares as a LNV:

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In hindsight, that stone exhibited moderate to heavy slurry dulling, forcing me to constantly change my slurry, or when working on water to rinse often. Although I am still in the early learning stages, I was able to shave with it, and the edge was smooth. I'm currently intrigued by the "mellow" layers such as La Grise, La Nouvelle Veine, and of course La Grosse Blanche.

From an academic perspective, I'm more interested in the relationship between layers, and how they can be mistaken with others.