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Lapping stone


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George, I just lapped a 1000 King water stone on a fire brick from my welding stand. It worked fine. Fire bricks are a rough harder material and are fired to red heat.
It has been about ten years since I bought some. They were not a Home Depot item, I had to go to a real masonry yard to find them.--Jay

I have not yet tried this on my Coticule or the barber hones that George asked me about. I think it should work.


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I may have to try that. I find more excuses to cross hobbies it is getting ridiculous. I now have 4 ways to lap: diamond and granite, sand paper and glass, DMT, now I will try my fire bricks. But are the fire bricks flat?


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I find the fire brick idea a bit scary! :O
besides the only 1 I have is covered in burnt in silver solder

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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FWW, I lapped on friend's granite yesterday and moved my plate today for use in the future. If one was using abrasive paper the smooth surface of granite would be a plus because the wet abrasive sheet sticks to it. It worked better for me than loose grains on a 1"/25MM marble plate. Plate also has the advantage of using its flat surface with ascending wet/dry abrasive paper grits for cleaning/reforming bevels before honing old, read: ebay, razors. The fellow I have been studying under laps some of his stones up to 1500grit US. Really flat!!
My 1¢


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Thanks for the pointer, Jay. It would be just terrific if firebricks would work on the Barber hones. I seem to have slightly stripped a non-DMT diamond hone when lapping a barber hone.

Flat plates and sandpapers are alright, but it is bit more of a production each time than I would like for lapping.

Next, trying to find a Brick yard around Boston. Most places I checked sell in quantity of six or so. I am looking for one at half height!

(P.S. Your ebony-scaled Gold Dollar 200 has been simply great. I will PM you if you have others.)


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Here are the rescaled ones I have left. In the picture with three razors the top cocobolo is sold the middle is curly maple and the bottom is bocote. The second picture is highly figured bocote. That set of scales was made from a smaller pattern so the shape of the pivot end may be to your liking. --Jay