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Last of the 3 razors completed


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In a previous post i talked of the 3 razors I picked up for very little.

I restored (ie got them shaving) the first 2 (one was a really old wedge) and the othe a "Pride" Razor at least 70 years old. They both shave great

The 3rd was a basket case. Had big lumps out of it.

I have never repaired anything as bad so it cost nothing so I gave it a go. Well it is shaving now, total time spent = 4hours

I had to grind down the blade so that I could use the norton 220. After this the blade was not straight so using a forum tip I put the blade on the 220 at 45 deg, lo and behold a couple of minutes and blade was straight

Onto the 1000, then coti and dilucot. Lots of TI paste, strop and we are away. At that point I returned to coti to do a few laps on mist then water again

I have not done a full shave yet but know it is there or there abouts.

I am really, really pleased. I acheived this through help from the forum

The razor is being given to a member of another forum who has asked if anyone has a razor he can try as he is skint, as he lives only 3 miles away I have said yes. The forum advice was to buy a Dovo etc - what part of the word skint did they not understand

This is a no name razor worth etching "Our Best"
Anyway Coti wins again

I experimented along the way, use BBW with CRox on it - did not make a difference, coti with washing up liquid - this made the blade stick to the stone and the feedback was totally different to what I am used to. It did not flow, so i am not sure if I like it or not


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Excellent work Tim. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy reading your little honing reports. :thumbup:

pedalpowersailing said:
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Yes, it has a somewhat different feel, depending on the Coticule you're used to. Lots of draw with CrO on top of a BBW.
I consider it too wasteful on CrO myself, but it does work well. For someone who owns a real Coticule, however, I don't see the advantage. I once came up with that method, because a lot of people that obviously never really tried it, kept claiming that a razor couldn't be honed on just a cheap BBW. That's why I made that BBW video.

Kind regards,


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Bart said:
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... and I bet you haven’t yet herd from some of those detractors… until they come up with something else to be pessimistic about… then they cowardly hide behind a keyboard and spread the joy to anyone gullible enough to believe.:lol:


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I don't think it's a matter of BBW's being unfit to hone a razor so much as some people are unfit to so do. Right now, for a fact I can't use a BBW to 'shave ready', and it'd be a question if I could with a coticule.

But that's not the rocks fault, I just started late. ;)


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Tbh I believe its harder to shave ready a razor with a bbw, the coti is much more user friendly, however once further pending tests are carried out I think we shall see a way thats very cool to use a bbw, I have 1 or ideas I need to try myself, its finishing on the bbw thats the problem, keeness isnt an issue, and without using Crox the BBW just dont cut it (sic) hahaha