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Let me introduce myself


Hello, some of you may recognize me from Badger & Blade. I've been straight razor shaving for over a year now, and only a few months ago got serious about honing and finding an edge that suited my face the best. I purchased a razor that had an incredible edge, and when I asked the previous owner what the razor was honed with, obviously he told me it was a Coticule. I've just started to get to know my 120x72mm bout better, and most recently have been having a lot of fun with a tiny 17x100mm Les Latneuses bout. I have a 125x30mm on the way from Ardennes, and for that one I requested a Le Petite Blanche.

I still have a vast amount to learn, and am extremely thankful for a site such as this. Thanks Bart!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my two Coticules.

Les Latneuses;


Bout of unkown origin;


It's hard to tell from the photos, but there is a bit of red sprinkled in the hone. The second picture shows this in the bottom right.


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Welcome aboard!

Hey, do you play Go? :w00t: , or you just picked a cool-looking avatar? :)

thanks said:
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It's a great place to do vast amount of learning, you'll see for yourself.

Have a nice time here. :thumbup:

best regards and wishes,


Thanks for the warm welcome. I do in fact play go. I used to be an 11kyu, but that was a few years ago. I'm trying to get back to that point on KGS, but I'm struggling to find the time. I'm also quite rusty! My goal is to eventually break shodan.


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Welcome to the forum, thanks. :)
I pop in most days and learn something new every time. It's a great place to get solid advice that you can successfully translate in practice.


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The first hone indeed is a Les Latneuses.

Your new bout looks like a twin brother of my own La Grise that you can see me use in the
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. I have learned most of what I know on that stone.

It's a bit slower than your Les Latneuses (albeit still fast enough), but will provide you with great edges.

Welcome on!



Thanks for the warm welcomes!

My bout is slower than the Les Lat, but it is gorgeous to look at! The feedback is quite nice as well, with the stone providing a fair amount of draw with just water passes. It leaves a nice, smooth finish.


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Welcome aboard! It's nice to see more people in these parts (not that I have any complaints about the current crew). Beautiful stones, by the way.