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loom strop or hangin strop



That is impossible to say. I wager a guess that in the hand of someone experienced, any strop with decent quality leather will work. To get to that level of experience, a loom strop might be helpful, as its stopping surface will always be flat (again, decent quality of the strop being a pre-requisite).


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Actually with the leather being equal they will perform the same. There are times when I'm sitting in my recliner I'll use the loom just because it's easy.There are some razors that seem to like a hanging strop such as a large wedge.
If your technique is good they will both work well.


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Tbh..its all about handling. Even the most exotic and expencive strop wont do the job without the practised skills. Quite often I strop on a pair of old jeans,whilst wearing them. Then do some 60 on leather. Works great.



I like to keep things simple, too. Let's see what I actually need:

  1. [li]leather side, preferably as wide as a razor, ie 3"[/li]
    [li]linen or other mild abrasive side[/li]
    [li]abrasive material side[/li]
Great. A triangular strop! Two solutions:

  1. [li]use more than one strop[/li]
    [li]get one with replaceable components[/li]
Apart from the fact that it is currently sold out, I consider the modular paddle strop by Straight Razor Designs the perfect tool for a beginner. Personal preference, but I like the fact that I can use different abrasive components (CrO, diamond sprays), and can replace broken leather strips.


As my grandmother used to say, 'man thought and God laughed' (der Mensch dachte und Gott lachte). Too busy at the moment. :(


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The multi leather and wool felt bench setup from SRD is a great way to strop. For those that don't know the pieces are interchangeable and have magnets on them so when you put a leather strop piece on it's not going to move around.



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If you're honing on a Coticule, than trust me: you need a good linen and a good clean leather strop, both of the hanging type. An adjustable "loom" strop would do the job too, but I have only seen them in leather so far. Paddle strops are for pasted use.
A hanging strop, even when used in a fairly taut fashion, still deflects 1 to 2 cm. A paddle strop does not deflect at all. It does make a difference.

I personally can not get a satisfactory edge of a Coticule if I'm not allowed to strop it well.

A basic but excellent quality strop with a good linen is the Dovo "Russian" leather strop. It has the word "Juchten" embossed in the leather and the linen has a herringbone pattern. They're not overly expensive. Of SRD, I've seen very good strops and laughably bad ones. (The excellent one was a "Bridal IV", or something like that.)

Kind regards,


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I have the above strop and a TM. THe TM is still in storage and althought it is a thing of beauty, the Dovo is great.
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