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Making own "paddle strop" oppinions need?


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I plan to make "paddle strop" in dimensions of 150x50.
For that matter I plan to order "hard wool felt pad" from SRD
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which I will cut to size and glue to the 150x50 wood blank. Friend of mine will borrow me SRD Chromium Oxide spray to apply.
So, I need your oppinions (especially if someone have opportunity to see these pads in person):

-is it possible to cut it (hard wool felt) to size without risk that corners and sides will colapse (I do not know better word and hope that you understand what I want to say)
-also, under description of these felts stays that they are coming with magnetic backing so I am interested what is word about (I suppose that is very thin magnet glued to felt pad but not sure)
-beside above pads there is also SRD material replacement (100% hard pressed wool felt) and I am in doubt which one to choose (this one or above one with magnetic backing) if we take in consideration that I will glued it with epoxy to the wooden base
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-how well SRD chromium oxide in spray perform