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Mama Bears Soaps - Joint Purchase?


First of all: I don't now if this is the right place on the forum for this topic. So, correct me if I am wrong.

Recently I ordered some soaps of the American brand Mama Bears. Frequent readers of the forum will be aware that I really enjoy this soaps. Besides the great scents, is the performance very good for my skin.

Therefore I would like to order some more of their soaps. A problem however is the high shipping rate that Mama Bears offers. A couple of days ago I contacted the owner of Mama Bears to request for a flat shipping rate. As a result, she has adjusted the shipping costs. Shipping to the Netherlands has become relatively cheaper, especially if it is ordered in large quantities. 18 plastic jars of soap for aproxemately 70 USD shipping. That's cheaper than it was first.

I would like to offer some soaps (5), and a couple other wetshavers have indicated that they also would like to order 5 soaps (total). Therefore I am looking to other people who are willing to order in total 8 soaps of Mama Bears.

I don't have hurry at all. The order will be placed about a week or two I think. Don't hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.
Have you been able to achieve anything with regard to customs costs?

Do you want to give up the soaps here Dirk- Jan or via a PM?

And, of course, thank you for your efforts.goodjob!
great action, will be difficult to get such a big package through customs without alerting them about the value. I'm holding my ground, no more soaps goodjob!
I asked her to sent te goods customs friendly. She is prepared to do so, but it is what Snuff said: a big package maybe will alert the customs clerks.

I think it is practical to write in this topics the soaps you want, so everone can see how much soaps are left to reach the 18 soaps. For further questions or agreements you Always can sent me a PM.
I like the mama bear soaps also.. i must go visit her site to look what se offers this days. I come back on that..
I unfortunately live in the USA, however I find that there are few options for shipping to me also. I recently received the Juniper soap and reacquainted myself with Mama Bear's soaps after nearly five years. I can see where you all are addicted to it on your side, it is very high qulaity for a glycerin soap. daumenh!