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March 22nd till march 28th


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Razor: Merkur Progress (Germany)
Blade: Hema (Netherlands)
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: Monsavon (France)
Brush: AP Shave Co 24mm Tuxedo Blue Lagoon handle (Canada)
Aftershave: Di Barba Aluin (Italy)
Aftershave: Fresh era de cologne Hema (The Netherlands)
Aftershave: Adam’s After Shave Balm (Hungary)
EDT: None

have a nice sunday
Oumo Tuxedo,
Stirling Hipster,
RazoRock game changer .68 on Stork consul handle,
Gillette Nacet (2),
Tunney alum,
Stirling Hipster post shave.


Still is a nice shaver, but not as efficient as my normal goto Game Changer, the .84.
For the head I switched to the OC .84, hoping it would clog a little less, but even the open comb clogs ...

Enjoy your Sunday!

Pre-Shave: Proraso green
Shaving Soap / Cream: Meissner Gentle Menthol

Aftershave: Proraso green
Aftershave Balm: Prep

Shaving Brush: Edwin & Jagger XL Syntheet

DE-Razor: Wolfman Titanium TI 22 0,74 / Stork Titanium Aristrocat
DE-Blade: Gillette Permasharp stainless 1x
RazoRock 400,
Razor Master Santtu,
Paradigm 17-4,
Gillette Nacet (3),
Tunney alum,
Axe Dark Temptation.


Another week of homeschooling, hope he, my son, won't be bored ...Nah, we'll manage!
'Keep your distance, don't die': Arjan Lubach
Razor: Rex Ambassador (USA)
Blade: Hema (Netherlands)
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: Monsavon (France)
Brush: AP Shave Co 24mm Tuxedo Blue Lagoon handle (Canada)
Aftershave: Di Barba Aluin (Italy)
Aftershave: Williams Aqua Velva (UK)
Aftershave: Adam’s After Shave Balm (Hungary)
EDT: None
Yaqi timberwolf
La maison du Barbier shaving cream
Mulcuto humpback + Lord ss #1
Vdh alum
Dickinsons witch hazel
La rive cash, isana ultrasensitive balsem

A short while ago there was a discussion about the Lord ss: the blue VS the green. I have both. This morning I used the blue. It was really good in combination with the mulcuto. Smooth as a dolphin with almost zero alum feedback.
Today was a shave with:


Action Shaving Bowl
Plisson White Evolution Ivory 22mm
Akka Kappa White Mos
Phoenix Alpha Ecliptic with Wizamet blade
Eufros Rosa Oud aftershave balm

This razor will only be used when I long for a shave with Stirling Glacial soap :flucht1
You mean it’s not your cup of tea? Or has it to do with something else? :kopfkissen
Well lets just say that hell will probably freeze over before I use a menthol soap, that gives you a idea on how much I love that razor. The shave was very very close , I even have some razor burn, something that I haven't had in years. You did say use a somewhat less sharp blade in this one but since I didn't have any of those in the house I used one of my everyday blades. Might be a great razor for some people but I don't like the plastic (that I already knew, none has ever been appealing to me) and the shave was not ok for me. Anyway you know where it is going.
I read about that so I did ride the cap, no love.