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mastro livi loom strop quality


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hello friends, what do you think about the mastro livi strop?? and about the LINEN component?

do you mean the yellow loom and green linen side? if so i have one the quality is first class, mine came in a nice box with spear cro.ox the cro.ox he supplys is great stuff and easy to reaply. The leather is super soft softist leather i have felt. i prefer hanging strop for daily stropping . i normaly finish any razor i hone for some else on the plain yellow leather after my linen / leather, why, i just do
yes! what do you think about the linen itself???

i don't want to use the green paste...but only the linen (i will ask to remove the green paste and leave the linen clean)...
I had the opportunity got use Lynns at one of our meets and I really liked it.Quality all the way and this one had a stag grip! It adjust easily and you can really make it tight or fairly loose whichever you prefer. SRD has them in stock usually. The linen is excellent.
It really is nice. They had two of them at the meet one treated and one plain linen so we got to compare both.