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Material strop unraveling


Hey all,

I hope I post this in the right section of the forum.
I've got a bit of a problem here.
I've got my great grandfather's strop, which is great and all. Though I have this problem which is rly bugging me and eating me up inside.
The linen (or whatever it is) is unraveling. With more use it seems to be unraveling more, where it used to be only 4 cm to 5 it is now up to 6cm. It seems to be more unraveling length-wise rather than width-wise.
I include pics as a link since they are kinda huge, quality isn't super, but I hope it is visible.
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If anyone has any suggestions or whatnot, feel free to post and let me know, I'd like to know if it is possible to prevent it from further unraveling.
I was thinking about how to treat this, but I can't come up with anything good.
My best idea was to tape it from underneath with some sort tape or something on the part where it is unraveling and a little beyond it in the hope that it will prevent the strop from further unraveling.
So if anyone has any advice, any input, whatever it is greatly appreciated!
I currently use the old traditional natur strop for the leather and this one for the linen, but now with this issue I'm thinking about buying a new linen piece, altho I won't discuss this in this thread since it isn't the place for it.

Anyway thanks in advance!


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If you want to keep using this strop I would put some super glue on the part that's unraveling to prevent further damage and just use the part above to strop. Or just buy a new one. Greets Ron


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Hi Jasper,

Super glue will do the job, but it will harden that area. If you would still like to use this strop without worrying about ruining an edge, sew it. Use a thin waxed linen thread and sew by hand from the top (or bottom) down the length of the unravel, then the bottom. Make your stitches small and tightly pull them so that they sit somewhat under the surface of the strop (not so tight that the fabric is deformed). I would suggest a "Z" stitch so that you can be sure to stabilize the last affixed vertical thread before the unravel.

Since this is a strop from your family, I would think it was worth the extra effort to preserve it. Looks like a nice strop.



Al right, thanks for the advice all. I'll give sewing it a try, thanks a lot for the advice Torolf!


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Hi Jasper, perfect advice from our resident Strop Meister Torolf :thumbup:

What this man doesnt know about strops is not worth knowing, good luck with saving your heirloom

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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I haven't had a chance of actual experiencing the fruits of your work, Torolf, but judging from many people's opinions, Ralfy's damn right :)

TM280 said:
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So many would say "hey it's a piece of crap, just waste it and get a new one". Especially the ones who sell. I haven't been for quite a while here, but this reminds me why I hang around here every once in a while.