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May 23rd - May 29th

Jan Zoethout

Well-Known Member
SOTD 20210523.

Proraso pre-shave cream (white).
Vie-Long foroafeitado SE 2019 synth.
TGS "Shibusa 2" shaving soap.
Seygus Ti "Zeppelin" V2.1 0.7 razor.
Ladas Super Stainless (8).
TGS "Shibusa 2" A.S. Parfum.


Well-Known Member
Maseto Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush - Memphis,
Gillette Fat Boy adjustable,
Souplex B choice 5th x,
Ilgaz Çesme Limon (Lemon),
Naturlife Krem Vazelin Argan Ve Aloevera Özlü,
Loris E-048 Cool Water.


Brush and soap:
Maseto Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush - Memphis and Arko:
Although the weather isn't really cooperating, I'm having a great time here in the Frisian country, especially when the day starts off nicely with lather whipped with the Maseto Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush - Memphis from Arko stick out of a box. That stuff just really stays good.
Blade and razor:
Used the Souplex B choice for the 5th time.
This Souplex B choice also has some time behind it, 3 shaves in the Eifel, last fall and now already 2 in Friesland.Traveled razor sharp blade, which at ease reaches my 5 standard. In the Gillette Fat Boy adjustable at 5 for the skull and 7 for the rest is the combo with the Souplex B choice hardly surpassed. They don't make them like this anymore.
Result: BBS.
Finally: the Ilgaz Çesme Limon (Lemon) is fine after the Arko, some care of Naturlife Krem Vazelin Argan Ve Aloevera Özlü, which is actually extra because the Arko is also good full of grease, which with me does not leave a chapped skin and then a nice scent of Loris E-048 Cool Water.
I'm ready to go, let's go to Leeuwarden.


Absurd hero
SU-Patron Gold
Declaration Grooming Washington B3 Nebula
B&M - 42
Hobby/Neon - white, differential (t)
Voskhod (2)