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Merkur 38 - slant


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During the 1950s-60s (possibly 70s, too) Merkur made more slants than just the 37 and 39. One of those was this beautiful 38, a modelnumber that has since been reused for an ordinary DE.
This however is the vintage slant, which resembles a 37 except the handle is much sleeker, the handle is silver, the head is chrome and the topcap, as with all vintage Merkur slant, is not scalloped.
Of all Merkur-made slants, this is the model that I like the most: superb handling, great balance, and it looks good, too! Too bad the outer tube is prone to splitting, mostly I guess from over tightening.
DSC05246.JPG DSC05247.JPG DSC05248.JPG DSC05249.JPG DSC05250.JPG DSC05251.JPG DSC05253.JPG DSC05254.JPG DSC05255.JPG DSC05256.JPG DSC05257.JPG

The King

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Do you wonder why this model is no longer produced, because many people think it is the most beautiful model and that it shaves even better than the 37C?