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Merkur Testbox with 4 different DE razors


Dear members,

at we try to lower the "inhibition threshold" for newbies to try out wetshaving outside of Gillette/Wilkinson cartridge razors. With both, straight razors and DE razors.

One of the emotional thresholds to test DE razors is the price to purchase it without knowing what and where to start with. Even worse, in most cases there is no emotional support while testing it without internet forums like

We try to solve this "problem" with a new initiative. Like in the motto "If you help me, I will help you", we will offer all current SU-Patrons and members who will become SU-Patrons (see here) the possibility to borrow for free DE razors.

Our first cooperation partner for this is the company Dovo-Merkur from Solingen /Germany.

They sent us 2 test-boxes (one for and one for our German wet shaving forum "") with 4 different DE razors, which are specifically for newbies a good choice.


The models are 23c and 34c. Both have a "closed comb" and have the identical head. Both are best sellers at Merkur. The 23c is a 3-part model with thinner handle, the 34c is the one with the bigger handle and screw knob at the buttom of the handle.

The third DE-razor is called 15c and has an "open comb". Safety razors with open combs are in general more "aggressive" in the shave. But there are sometimes huge differences between different brands and models of open combs.

The fourth model is called 24G in rosé with an extra long handle. Best suited for areas outside of the face and I would not be surprised if that is the preferred model by women.

Actually I wanted to shoot a video about all the models, but unfortunately at the moment I do not have the time for this. I have to postpone this.

So at the moment only photos from my mobile phone...









I tested all these DE razors over the last 2-3 weeks with different blades in it:

The original Dovo-Merkur-blades, Astra blades, Gillette 7o'clock, Feather and Voskhod blades

Apart from the Feather blades, all blades can be recommended for these razor models for newbies. You do not have to be afraid of cuts etc. Not even with the open comb model 15c. With the Feather blade you should pay more attention while shaving obviously. But Feather blades are also the most sharp blades I ever used.

So these 4 safety razors are perfectly fine for such a "DE-razor-test-case" for starters.

We will throw a Dovo-Merkur blade in the case and additionally an Astra blade, since Astra is very often used with reviewers and this makes a comparison with other reviewers easier for you.

By the way: although the 23c and 34c use the same head, the handling/feeling during the shave is different because of the differences in size and weight of the handles.

We will soon publish the terms for SU-Patrons to borrow this test-equipment. We start this project in around 2 weeks. I just want to make the video before sending the equipment to someone.

A big "thank you" again to Dovo-Merkur for this cooperation! :buana

Your SU-Team
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I have to say we are kind of proud. As far as I know, we are the very first wetshaving forum worldwide who achieved this kind of cooperation with a big manufacturer. :disco1

We are working on more cooperations by the way... :carrot1