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Method for a quick morning shave?


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I try to shave with my straight every morning. But it's not very easy, as I have only 10 to 15 minutes to perform the shave.
Is there a standardized method to deliver a good shave, something like the 14 strokes method described in Barbers' manual?

I don't know how skilled/confident you are, but a standard approach can get you a fast shave. I've showered, shaved, and dressed and was out the door with as little as 20 to 2d minutes total time. It just takes quick, confident strokes. It's not as nice as a long luxurious shave, but it's doable
I'm am quite confident about my strokes. I use strokes like the one's of Joel at B&B
I begin to manage the against the grain stokes around the chin. Just got problem to shave with my left hand in some delicate area.
But with a 10 minutes shave (1 pass WTG and 1 ATG), my shave are often not very smooth under jaw bones and around adam apple.
What I have noticed after trying some strokes of barbers manual was that an across the grain stroke on the chin give as good result as ATG strokes and take less time.
I believe many of us know this video:

With experience, and the average skin/beard combination, I believe anyone can achieve that speed of shaving.

Personally, when I'm in a rush, and I really need to shave, I will skip the WTG pass, and just do ATG and some additional strokes on those spots that require it.

Kind regards,
I knew also this video. But as on Joel's video, it's not very easy to see the smoothness of the shave.
I don't have a very coarse beard neither a very sensitive skin, and impove my shaving speed a lot since the beginning.
The bigger problem is the use of my left hand:blush: ...
I had a look at the Cotticule Pilgrimage pictures and see someone shaving somebody else,using stokes of barber's manual, how long was the shave and what was the result?



that was Gary shaving Marek. You must know that Gary is a professional Barber/Hair Stilist. So the result was beyond any doubt. And the time it took ... well, who really cares when you can enjoy a professional shave in the coticule headquarter of this world... ;)

No doubt, that a very good razor, in very good hands should make a wonderful shave
But, as I have never got a shave by a professionnal barber with a real straight razor (I don't know any barber in my area who shaves with a real straight) I wonder how long it takes to give such a marvel.

Ohh dear Matt!

The guy is with out any doubt an experienced shaver.But is time really of the essence?
I dont think so. If time was the problem,I would use a Gillette Mach XXX. Or a buzzing electrical device. Shaving with a coticule honed straight razor is my little zen thing. It may take time,but so what? If I hav`nt got the time -not that is takes much- I`ll just wait to the next day. It really aint about doing it swiftly,but to enjoy the proces.

Taking time for a slow bath and an equally slow shave is pure luxury. I see absolutely no need for speeding things up. If you are tight on time in the it the evening before or wait till the evening comes once again.

My two cents

I can manage a shower and a three pass shave in under 10 minutes if required. I sometimes have to take a plane at 04:30, which is when that ability comes in handy. But it took me many months of daily exercise to get there. In a squeeze, I would resort to one of my DEs.



I've never seen this video before. I don't know what to say... :) I don't think I could shave for another 5 days after a shave like this. Or if I had anything capable of being shaved anymore at all. :lol:

Well I can hardly go below 30 minutes, so I won't provide you with any tips. I must be a really lousy shaver yet. Though, I really enjoy it!

Torbs, the time isn't that essentional. But if you shave in the evening and find out your beloved one has fallen asleep waiting for you, it's annoying at times. ;)

All the best for you, my speedy shaving pals!
Matt said:
Torbs, the time isn't that essentional. But if you shave in the evening and find out your beloved one has fallen asleep waiting for you, it's annoying at times. ;)

:D :D :D :D

I guess we all know about that.:blush:

The sunday morning 30 minutes shave is really a great zen moment for me:rolleyes:
But if I shave every evening, my wife will start asking herself questions?
She 's already looking at me odly when I collect hairs in het brush for my HHT needs!!!!:D :D