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Monsavon ‘Authentique’


Well-Known Member
Well it has happened. As of now i’m the proud owner of a tub of Monsavon.
At 84 eurocent I couldn’t pass up.
I must say it doesn’t smell as bad as I expected...
I still have nightmares about this because this soap has one of the most chemical smells I've ever smelled. :eek:

Although the TOBS Lemon & Lime also reasonably meets this description.
Arko smells worse. However, this soap, too, I've never bothered to lather because of its smell.
The Tobs lemon&lime is horrid in its own very special way. I gave mine away, after which the recipient gave it away, after which the recipient gave it away. I think the fifth recipient actually did like it. Probably lives in a mosquito-infested area.