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Ms SoapZ Citrus & Ginger

The King

Well-Known Member

About 4 years ago I bought two shaving soaps from Mrs. SoapZ in the fragrances Peppermint and Citrus & Gember. After a few shaves the soaps couldn't appeal to me because of the lower quality foam that in my opinion lacked protection, gliding properties and especially care. Until I recently read a review of this shaving soap and the writer rated this shaving soap as very good, my interest was again aroused. Was I completely wrong with my judgment?

This asked for further research and so I came to the ingredients list of the soaps to study. And I discovered that the formule of the soap had undergone a change in the meantime. Compared to my soaps, the list of ingredients of the new soap now also included, for example, Shea butter and Wool fat. This prompted me to order a shaving soap with the new formula to see if it actually has much better shaving properties compared to the old one.

And Mrs. SoapZ's re-acquaintance with the citrus & Ginger soap has clearly pleased me a lot better. This shaving soap with an adapted formula, which now also contains Shea butter and Wolvet, gives a much nicer feeling from the lather. It takes some more shaving soap and time to get a nice amount of lather. No thick, full lather, but a bit more fluid (like Yogurt), but it lets the safety razor glide over the skin perfectly. Perhaps the protection would have felt even better if the foam had been a bit fuller. Even if you have already used the safety razor once on the skin, the skin remains sufficiently smooth to be able to use the razor blade again without any problems. But most of the gains have been made on the caring properties by adding Shea butter and Wool Fat. The caring properties of the shaving soap are, as far as I'm concerned, now very much in order.

The lather in the shaving bowl becomes a bit firmer in composition as the shave progresses and can also be be beaten up nicely with a few drops of water.
For the best lather, my advice is to first put the soap under hot water, load the shaving brush, apply it and then prepare the shaving equipment so that the lather can stiffen up a little on the face. Before shaving, put the tips of the shaving brush lightly in the water and "paint" again and you'll get a glide layer that makes it good Shaving

The Citrus & Ginger scent will probably lead to discord, you will find it wonderfully fresh or awful in between there will probably not be. I'm one of the fans because it's a very strong citrus scent that the ginger is clearly through and you can taste that during the shave too.
I never clean my lips after lathering them up and this time I actually felt the slight tingling of ginger on my tongue. This soap seems to be less suitable for people with sensitive skin and of course if you have a lanolin allergy you should also stay away from this soap.

All in all, I like this soap with the added Shea butter and wool fat very much. It takes a little more time to get to a good lather but the shaving properties are more than sufficient -let’s say a good middle class- and for me as a lover of strong smells this soap is a very fine addition.