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Reserved - Payment pending Mulcuto Schrägschnitt (Slant) Plastic

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Blade Whisperer
In addition to the Mulcuto NOS in metal, I also have this one in plastic to offer. Used once, cleaned, disinfected and in original box. Shaves very similar to the metal version, but I prefer the feel of it, which is why I keep two metal ones.

To grab for EUR 30, - plus shipping from Germany (as a private sale excluding any warranty).

4E3DE502-7EBC-41D4-BF49-EF8BF3A3E8A9.jpeg C32DBC46-F9A9-49A0-A8B5-AD47CA9EF5B0.jpeg E85ECB30-4021-4441-8A31-7109709986BD.jpeg EF0E26B7-AA41-4436-9B19-2C1F71AF4125.jpeg