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My first (and homemade) strops


New Member
I needed strops for my first straight razor, so i made it.
Fabric is jute, Leather - cowhide coated of neatsfoot oil.
Its not pretty but i think its good and cheap :)
Spot on jute is just shadow.



Well-Known Member
Looks like a decent job.

I've done some trials with jute, but without additional dressing, the jute I used didn't perform up to my expectations.
But my jute looked much cruder than yours, hence I hope yours works better.

Thanks for sharing,



Well-Known Member
Solid looking work, please do let us know how they perform
I have used neatsfoot oil in the past, without success, I found it destroyed the draw on the leather, and it is almost impossible (for me) to remove once its on there.

Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)


New Member
They work good, however I don't have comparison ;)
To remove neatsfoot oil maybe You should try light gasoline.