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My first set of scales


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I proudly present my first set of home-made scales. I thought about showing them here for a long time after a I got a very, very mean feedback from Robin after presenting them on the German Forum. :cry: :cry: :cry:
But then I thought what the heck! And this is for you, Robin

The blade is an old French half-hollow. I DO love the french razors and I think most of them are vastly underrated. The wood is oiled and waxed walnut in a more traditional shape. I prefer the blade to stand out over the scales and not vice versa. I did however try to set a little highlight by making brass spacers instead of a wedge. While this was kind of a fumbly task I think the result turbed out quite well. And as far as my limited razor know-how goes I personally have not seen anything like that before.
Of course, I honed it on a coticule. Together with a good balance this little french lady turned out to be a very fine shaver.



More pictures can be found
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Thanks for watching

oh, and btw ... Robin, I did get over it and I still hate ... err ... love you ;)


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I like it, Original and creative... never... ever... let others dictate your taste and opinion.

keep the good work.:thumbup:

Kind Regards


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I really like the open wedge concept. I mean, I really like it! It's the most innovative thing I've seen yet, that still looks really good. It's hard to (for me anyways) express any creative ability with such a functional medium, but you've pulled it off bueatifully!
My first thought was "wait... what?!? How the hell can someone forget to put a wedge in 'em???" Then I realized what you'd done, and i just about fell over!
Man, that is a freakin' great idea!:thumbup:


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This I like :thumbup:

cant wait to see it finished (sorry couldnt help myself, Bwhahahaha)

I do like it honest, and the French blades should have a much bigger following too, all in all very cool

Ralfson (Dr)


Very nice work dear blueDun but for my opinion the blade is 1/4 hollow.
Best regards


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Emmanuel, it may well be a quarter hollow. I just wanted to point out that it is not a full hollow.
Thanks folks, I'm glad you like it.


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I really like how you did that. I have thought for some time about a similar application, but never succeeded with anything I liked. You have definitely succeeded.
I have one question though, are the spacers wedged at all? I looks like they are just straight and even.


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The spacer thingie was actually not as hard to make as it may look like. I used a brass tube with outer diameter of 2mm and an inner 1.5mm bore. I cut them with a dremel to approximate length and then sanded them on some fine abrasive paper down to the final length. As this was done by eyeballing only they did not have equal length which is actually desirable. I just used the shorter one on the lower part of the scales in order to make them open slightly towards the upper part. Then I used washers with 1.5mm bore on both sides (and an additional smaller one on the outside for cosmetics) and a 1.5mm escutcheon pin. Voilà, that's all there is to it ...


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Dear coticulers,

Finally, I managed to finish my second scale project. This one is rather
traditional but that's the way I intended it.
The blade is an old W&B I received in a very pitiful state with scales far
beyond restorability. Despite having been restored, this is an old
piece. The scales are made from over 50 year old rosewood I got from my
father in law. He's a retired carpenter and after he inspected my first
set of scales he considered me worthy and pulled this treasure he had
still left from his apprentice years. The scale design stems from the
gifted hands of my wife and I take responsibility or the
The pictures are fairly lousy but after all I am a blade nut and not a
Thanks for watching!


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More pictures here:
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