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My new baby!


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Here is a cool new coti I picked up today! I sold my last barber coticule and ever since I have missed it! Fortunatly I found a replacement. I now know what bart means when he says coticules have different attributes. Here is my comparason. Please don't expect it to be as good as bart, I am only judging on my limited use of hones and the two coticules I have owned.

The Barber coticule was very fast on slurry, had a lot of feedback, but lacked in the keenness dept. It made great Uni edges. Had manganese lines and other swirls
The new coticule is slow on slurry, is very hard compared to the first, offers slight feedback, is an excellent finisher. It is the first hone I have used dilocot on succesfully.

Here are some pictures, I need to reglue it together. This one has a woodlike grain to it, not quite as pronounced as a tiger stripe, but it is there. It is 1.5"x6" I bought it for 3 USD!!

I posted the methods backwards. I can do a great uni on the new one, the older one did better with dilocut. The problem with this coticule is it's so damn slow:scared: I tried barts new dilo method a few times and each time I get the same end result. The blade still looks sandblasted. I don't think my coticule can keep up to speed in the middle range of dilution. I try dilution slower, but it is hard to describe how slow this thing is. I did 100 laps with milky slurry and it only turns a light grey. My old coticule would be blacker than black and cut like a champion. This one takes the edge off a norton 8k and makes it a lot better though. It also has a lot of draw and suction.