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My new La Veinnete


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Ok chaps here she resplendent in soft creaminess, and of course she returns soo soo buttery soft edges, 175mm X 50mm wide, the Coticule is between 9mm and 8mm thick, with the BBW being 13mm thick, its sure to last me quite some time.
Notice how the BBW side has creamy streaks running through it, I will give this side a go today ala "Dilublue" and expect good results.
I dont know how consistent this layer is, but suspect that it is, as the performance of this stone is very very close to my beloved #10.

Thanks for looking guys, and go easy she is a little shy :love:

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)






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Dang, that is one beutiful stone! I was reading during the vacation that you asked ardennes to cut it down shorter? Why did you ask them to do that? Was it cheaper that way? I can't beleive you got rid of your no 10:scared: That one was also an awesome hone! Knowing my track record with hones over 2.5" I would have cut it down :lol:

Good luck with it, you know how to get the most out of those!


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It's the hands not the stone, Ralfy :thumbup:

But that's a nice stone to go with good hands :w00t:


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Ohhh,she`s a beauty Ralfy.. And the length is just perfect.

A great stone,but still dont understand why you sold your #10 ?

Kind regards



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That's a great one Ralfson. Nice manganese lines. :love:

By they way: someone tampered with you thread title and turned it into Le Vienette. Probably someone from the marketing department of Unilever, who hopes to sell more
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. But I was awake and I changed it back for ya. "La Veinette" that is. ;)



Nice stone Ralfy! I Would be interested in how the blue worked out because I always get better results using a blue in a progression with half strokes than a direct dilicut. Does any body else find this or is it my inability to get the most out of my coticule. Sorry for the digression.


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very nice stone the yellow side looks very similar to my 54 cream side.when i get to belgium maurice is holding a la vainette for me to sample it 200 x 60 or 150x 50 i opted for the 200x60.

ralfy does the stone give much drag or draw ? whilst honing or is a just nice and smooth with no draw at all?


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Gary, it does have some draw, but its a nice smooth feeling, even on water, see how the burtons hybrid side is like glass? and the creamy side feels almost gritty? I find the Veinnete comes about in the middle, I am sure you will be very very happy, one thing you might notice is that it gets slower as your slurry gets thinner, I know they all but I reckon you will see what I mean as you try yours out,

I cant wait to hear how you get on mate :thumbup:

Chin chin, and thanks guys, she is a pretty thing, oh yeah I had to sell my #10 to buy this, trouble was that after using my vintage combo, and my Burton series#2, it felt so clumsy that it simply didnt get used, now this old girl is like a sports car!! toot toot!!

Ah yes the BBW, half strokes for setting the bevel, then regular strokes but with minimal dilution, its a bit hard to cover here, but rest assured the "Dilublue" method should be posted up soon.

Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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She is gorgeous. You should be proud!
If I understand correctly, the BBW side is a "hybrid"? I've noticed a couple in the Vault, but I have to admit I really don't know about them at all. What's the scoop?

edit: nevermind... I see now you must have been talking about a different one... sorry


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Just honed my little henckels,on my new 200x60 la vainette. This is my first shave of this hone.

All i can say is it is as good as they say .Feels great to hone on . the shave was very smooth and very nice shave . i would of classed it as mellow .as it is so smooth .possibly engaing but i stll have difficulty in noticing these differances. the main thing is the edge was smooth comfortable one and easy to get there on this hone. i love all my coticules:thumbup:


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Gary, a mellow edge leaves your face feeling completely untouched (almost as if you didn't even shave besides the fact that there is no hair there). If you feel slightly rejuvenated, that's most likely an engaging edge because brisk is pretty easy to differentiate.