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n° 26 - La Veinette


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It is getting boring to write these reports... :rolleyes:
N°26 is another La Veinette Coticule. The last one form that layer of the current group, if I'm not mistaken. They don't come up that often at the quarry, I believe...
Same great results as all hones from this seemingly very consistent layer.
Easy to get great results. Edges that don't require CrO (which seems to be the talk of the town at this moment :p )

This one is a great hone for someone who wants to put great edges on personal razors for the rest of his life, or for someone who wants to add a narrower (3.5cm) hone to his arsenal, for dealing with smiling edges and slightly warped razors.



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Hey!... that's my stone... about the size of a razor box, am I right?... that's my stone... How much do they want for it Bart?
May be a toss-up between this and the casket shaped #19


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Don't pin me on this, because I don't have official prices of the second group, but I believe a bout of size 7 costs €30 for "standard" and €38 for "select" (I don't know the optical grade of this one)



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I had a question that's been bothering me about the thickness of the coticule and BBW on this one. The BBW is between 0-15mm, does that mean the yellow side dips into the blue side? It looks like the thickness of the yellow and blue are fairly even in the picture, does the dividing line between the layers look different on the other side?


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StraightRazorDave said:
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I hope I 'll be able to overcome the temptation (OK, maybe one or two cotis more at the very most :lol: ).

One of the reasons of not investing in any whetstone so far was that I didn't want to end up with a rubble heap in the corner of my room. From an old barber tales I knew they were doing with very few stones (he called them "marbles" although he didn't mean a real marble) but unfotunately I couldn't find any sample of those in my home country.
But I knew there must be something somewhere!
And here it is. :rolleyes: