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nearly there


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hi all i purchased no 64 from the vault now i am using dilucot method i can get the hht to do the violin but thats it
ive tried extra 30 x strokes on water a few times but it seems to make it less sharp

i have just done a 16 stage dilution and its better but no way a hht 3-4 ive justed stroped it and its made it a little bit better but i must be doing something wrong but i cannot fathom it out yet
when you dont just quite get there whats the best way to start again when its playing the violin slurry ,water any ideas would be good thanks jimmy
try shave first see how it goes you may be surprised.If shave is no better. try a couple of half sets on water and 50 laps on x's. if not then rub honr once may be twice and do another 4 to 6 dilutions finish with 100 laps on water.

ok mate will try that

is it common where you do strokes and it seems to get no better or worse on the hht?
And remember there is always the taped stages of Unicot to fall back on :thumbup:

I cant help thinking that IMHO many people do not quite realise the level of skill, and the time and sheer number of honings that it takes to get really really good at the Dilucot, apart from that theres the simple fact that it also takes many many uses of a stone to get to know it properly.

If this was easy there would be a small booklet that teaches everyone how to do it, and everyone who tried it would be an expert in short time.

Keep up the good work Jimmy, and everyone starting out on the Coticule should remember that it is just that, a journey.

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
+ 1 from me. It's been nearly a year until I managed to get something out of Dilucot. But if I may quote myself:

Matt said:
fear-not-the tape! tape-is-your-friend! hail-the-tape!
I've been honing exclusively for myself and I was never getting too paranoid about making it. So it was one honing session per week on average, I suppose - and most often it ended with taping the razor finally - exactly Bart's experience. The key is just to be patient and not to expect making a 100 miles with one step.

Oh and I should add that I'm still improving, which is pleasant, but also shows that there's still a lot ahead of me - the journey, no more, no less... :thumbup:

hone happy my friend,