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new escher


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My escher arived today.

5x2 bluey grey . The surface is very smooth. It has anice feel and nice zip when honing with water.

I have my dovo which is honed on my L4 and shaves no probs. on a two day growth i feel there is a tiny tiny bit of resistants only tiny. As i'm qquite picky , this probably would'nt be noticed by most fokes.

So i took my dovo and did 20 laps on the coticule (water) HHt droped to of the hone standard.

I then did 20 to 30 laps on escher with water. The HHT steped up a little of the hone.

Stropped as normal and the HHT is very nice . It's hard to say if it was any better than coticule. Lets put it this way not that i noticed , but still as good as i normaly get. the edge seemed to grab arm hair a little better.

I sahved on one day growth. The sahve its self felt a little differant. Felt a little sharper, no smoother infact it is real hard to tell any differance. I would actualy say the shave was not quite as smooth probably why it felt sharper.

1st shave i will keep honing on coticule and adding escher each time with a thew more laps. i have 4 coticules i will be honing on and using escher on 2nd or 3rd shave to compare the differance.

First time i have used escher so i will give it some time to no for sure if it has any thing special.

the best way i could describe the differance is the scher semed a little more agressive than the coticule.
I just tryed 30 laps on my john clarkes with milky slurry. The results was still exallant pass hht. This means the slurry does'nt have the same dulling efect as coticule can. I'm going to try 30 laps on slurry (milky) and strop and shave.

maroon have you tryed shaving of milky slurry on your escher. It does say to create a slurry with rubbing stone?
I believe Sham over at SRP uses his Escher with slurry when he's done on the 10K or the 8K hones and then finishes with water. I think it just makes the hone faster but isn't going to dull the razor like a coticule could after a while.

They're very cool hones those old Eschers! :thumbup:

I also have a spike point from Sham that was finished on the escher and it's crazy sharp. Like you better watch out or you'll severe your lips off without feeling it sharp.
What was the hht like. I just honed on coticule as usaul plus 30 laps on escher with milky slurry. the hht is about the same give or take.Some how i carn't see it being any better. i will see when i shave.
Honestly, I didn't even try the hht test with the razor. I was too eager to shave with it when I got it so I washed my face and began the shave. I am sure it's on par with the coticule's HHT without much difference, it may pop easier but I think that's because the edge isn't as smooth as the coticule's.
My best results with mine have been with a misty slurry. Not quite sure that the consistency makes a lot of difference, but the shave off slurry definately feels smoother than the shave with no slurry.
I like the feeling of honing on slurry, so I used to go Coti, BBW, Thuringian all with slurry. I like my no name thuringian better than my Escher as well.

PS. For some reason. I couldn't connect to the site for a minute, and my post disappeared.:confused:
Rosco said:
PS. For some reason. I couldn't connect to the site for a minute, and my post disappeared.:confused:

Eek! :blink: I would reccommend using an add on that saves as you type, losing a post (esp a long one) grips me :scared:
i have ran several test with escher. after coticule honed razor . I have tryed slurry on escher after. And the sahve on the coticule honed edge was smoother. I tryed 3 times with slurry the edge felt to crispy for me. I rehoned the same razor on the same coticule . i shaved of the razor with coticule edge. the sahve was super smooth. i have added 25 laps on the Escher with water only.The sahve was much better than slurry edge. it felt differant not as crispy.

I have to say you don't need escher to give a better smoother or sharper edge. I would say they both produce a nice edge but the coticule seems smoother for my face. I tested not long a go with my best quality dovo and my astral dovo. Both black handles. I picked up the best qulity by mistake and shaved. I thought this is bloody smooth, i thought that was the escher finished edge . I then realized it was the l4 coticule honed edge. I have one and will try it some more in the future. Once you hit the peak on a coticule it is an amazing edge for any one. getting there can be difficult at times i have had my ups and downs.i won't be buying any more hones thats a fact
Great post, Gary.
I had such fun with the part where you said, you picked the wrong razor and were amazed by the smoothness of your Escher, that was in fact a Coticule.:D :D :D

garyhaywood said:
i won't be buying any more hones thats a fact
This can and will be used against you...:lol:

The problem with Coticule is this:
with slurry it's faster but also much less keen than an Escher (I've tried only one, but I believe they're all work that way).
with water it's much slower than an Escher, but also finer.

That leads me to the following order:

Hone on a Coticule with slurry.
Hone on the Escher with slurry, it will easily make the edge keener.
Hone on the Escher with water, it will again easily make the edge keener.
You've now reached a keenness level, worthy to be finished on the Coticule. The edge will be smoother.
Refinish on the Escher. The edge will we less smooth.
Refinish on the Coticule. The edge will we smoother.
Refinish on the Escher. The edge will be less smooth.
Refinish on the Coticule. The edge will be smoother.

This is the only and last time I' making this comparison. It's also the only forum I will ever make it.

Please read this:
It explains everything. The recent discussion about Gold Dollar razors. The everlasting quality comparison between the available and affordable Coticule and the unavailable and costly Escher.

Kind regards,
Well there you, A very good thread Gary mate, you put that escher through its paces for sure :thumbup:

Mmm Escher ca £300, Coticule ca £70

and the escher fetch so much money because?? :confused:
Well i paid 316 dollars for it so it worked out at about £200. I'm going to play around some more with it.

ralfy if you have time i'd like you to give it whirl. and second my opinion

Like bart says it does'nt dull with slurry like the coticule. there both very diferant with slurry.

The hht was also not improved with escher with water. the hht was also not worse when used with milky slurry.

i found the edge with slurry to be less smooth than water. water gave smoother edge. its only 5" long so 50 laps is like 25 laPS.

there was a differance in the feel of the shave of escher to coticule. Both razors i tessted tonight the coticule edge was my favourite. When i picked the wrong razor up i thought it was escher razor , i thought god this is smooth i then realized, it was coti honed. thats waht made me realize the differance. very close call . But enought to tell them apart.

with slurry on the escher the edge was very much less smooth. Now they do recomend to use with slurry on the instructions.

No dis respect to any one that says the escher can improve over the coticule. It just has'nt for me. not enough to get the wow factor. after a 8k norton then it would be great.
tat2Ralfy said:
Well there you, A very good thread Gary mate, you put that escher through its paces for sure :thumbup:

Mmm Escher ca £300, Coticule ca £70

and the escher fetch so much money because?? :confused:

Because they're great hones and haven't been mined in 6 decades or so.
Thats funny you brought up goinf from escher to coti Bart. I've been trying it lately with some good results.
danjared said:
Reading this thread makes me want to sell my Thuringians!

If you're serious I might be interested in one. I've never had one and I'm just curious.
I have a bunch of stones and I fully agree with the opinion that all these srones are not needed but hey, I'm a sharpening junkie ...

with more practice after coticule with escher using water and no slurry on escher. i have noticed the edge is very nice. Both edges are nice but both feel differant. i would say i have noticed escher can and does give very comfortable sahve. i actualy quite like it now. with slurry the edge is not as smooth, with water it is very smooth. i have also had great results with coti 10k plus escher.i have noticed these differances on razor s that hav'nt peaked out on coticule. they are vewry good short cuts. the best and easiest short cut is coti dilucot 10 laps on ti issards pate rasoir. this works every time with out fail