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New here


Well not completly new because i was reading here a few weeks allready.
I'm from Belgium, 42 years old, and live nearby Antwerp (and my English writing is not that good) :)
I'm a knife collector and into the old ways of doing things.
I'm not new in wet shaving, to be honest i only shaved a few times electric.
I once reveived a Gillette Sensor Excel when they started producing these models (as a promopackage) and used that for many years.
A few years ago i found a razor with gilette blades you had to plie in two pieces and insert one half in the razor ( brand: Weltmeister).
Not the real thing but it worked very well, definetly to get a hang in the technique.
Now time to bite the bullet and buy a real straight razor.
I'm not experienced in brands of razors, so can someone tell my what to buy best for a beginner.
Something suitable for learning to hone.

Another great story:
I visited a old store in my search for old lanterns ect. Time stopped there in the 1940-1950's when the owner suddenly died, and the daughter in her 80's now, still holding the store open. I was there allready many many times, so they let me in the buildings normally not open for the public.
Searching all the crates, i came with a wooden crate full with hone stones.
I decided to take from every sort hone, a piece with me.
The grey one is called Our Levant, the black one Portanigra, and the other, guess what.
I talked to the lady and they're all 70-80 years old she guessed.

Later on the knife forums i saw images of coticules so i knew i hit the jackpot.
So a few weeks later i went back and took all the goodies.

If someone could point me in the direction of a good straight razor, for shaving, and learning to hone, its much appreciated. I'm not that far from The Koordenwinkel, i checked the site, but no idea whats good or not.


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You well come my friend. I think that you are very lucky because other newbies live very far but you are in Bart neighborhood speaking same language.Enjoy your opportunity.
Best regards


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Hi Tracer


I'm from Duffel myself, so not very far from you :)
At the Koordenwinkel they have ... some ... razors but the choice is not great plus, they are probably not too shave-ready. If you want, you can come & get one of my razors to try out for a while, see if you like it. I can explain some stuff to you about the gear etc. ... Alternatively, visit Bart who lives in Heist-o/d-Berg (but who's on vacation at the moment, I believe). Leo, the guy that wrote "Gladde Jongens", lives in Mechelen.

Now, where the hell is that shop ????????????? I need to go there, like, Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Welcome aboard

One year ago, I started my straight razor shaving journey after having used DE razor, then DOVO shavette ( it's something like your Weltmeister). A real straight is much more forgiving than a shavette and the technique is quite the same.
My best advice will be that you buy a razor which has been honed by someone who knows and then learn how to use it and to maintain the edge with a strop and then when you are accustomed with stropping technique and your brand new strop has some nicks it will be time to learn how to use your coticules.
As Emmanuel said your are lucky to live in the cradle of




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I would take Wim (decraew) up on his offer, it will save you a lot of searching for a good razor and information. Greets Ron (Roeselare, west - vlaanderen)


Why would you wanna go to the shop?
You know i was there and went out with a bag full (all) coticules.
All are old ones, with much different colours, example:



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Tracer said:
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[sub]oh. grumbl. thought you took only one from every type.
oh well. those stones are overrated anyway. pastes are soooo much better.:sneaky: [/sub]

Anyway, send me an email if you'd like to borrow one of my collection.
In fact, I know just the razor for you :w00t:



Thats very kind, i just send you a email.

"You know the right razor for me :w00t:"
The smiley doesn't make me confident, I must say I have 2 children who needs a daddy! :)


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Welcome from me Tracer :thumbup:

And very well done on the purchases from the store.

By the sound of it your are in very good hands, good luck with your shaving adventure

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


Probably the better solution. I offered Tracer (welcome from me, too) a few of my recent eBay purchases at cost. And you know I like my razors pretty ;)


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i'm another one from belgium although the other side of the country(tegen Brugge West-vlaanderen)
me to would take wim his offer I regret I didn't know anyone when I was starting if you're starting with a razor from the koordenwinkel though make sure you stop by at wim's or bart's to make sure it's properly honed because the razors come with the factory edge which is not very comfortable to shave you with(I can know I did it for a couple of months)

kind regards


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Welkom Tracer,

If you need assistance in't Vlaams, feel free to e-mail me or one of the other Flemish members.

Beste groeten,