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New Internet Resource


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Thought I'd share this with y'all, it's a web resource I stumbledupon that seems a little more hardcore than wikipedia and knowing the intellectual leanings of most of the guys around here I hope it's appreciated:thumbup: though it might be old hat to some of you.
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And a Ted Talk from the guy who developed it:
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I've been playing around with it a bit, looking up variuos coticule related things;) and to my layman's eyes the site appears to be quite good, though I'm sure that most of it's capabilities are way beyond me. I was hoping to figure out how to get the internets to show me a graph of slurry dilutions (which I have a hunch are logorithmic) I didn't have any luck with that site, but i think I've just not landed upon the right terms.



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There is also a wolframalpha iPhone app, for anyone that finds it useful and also happens to have an iPhone.


Very good and useful site. The only thing, that I can't understand is why all topics of the forum are sent to my e-mail box. In my "personal data" I made all corrections, but still receive all the posts every morning. Who can help me out? I want to stop this?