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New to this universe

Greetings from New Hope, PA...a little destination town along the river between NYC and Philly.
I've been DE shaving 30 years, on a couple forums for 10 years, and just discovered this place on a Google search on a Gillette ABC pocket edition in trying to date.
I believe it's 1907, don't see a letter prefix on the baseplate, but I know the strikes were sometimes barely legible.
Regarding my collection and interest it's 99% vintage Gillette, though I've got a small non Gillette display of things I procured in lots too cool to let go... most notably a Ronson "shaves and sharpens" razor, a couple Rolls razors, and a few Rubberset 400 brushes.
Anywho, hello!
Thanks. I'm lucky to have an enabling wife... she bought me the grey cabinet and roller cabinets underneath.
Those mirrored doors slide as well, I've got those shelves full of soaps and shipper cartons.
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