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New trouble with skin


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About a month ago I got those little cracks you get sometimes when you yawn, with chapped lips, in the corners of my mouth. This wouldn't be an issue, but they seem to not heal and are actually getting worse. I am starting to become concerned that this is caused by a combination of a severe winter and straight shaving. I initially was thinking it was the shaving cream or soap. I have since coated these areas with white petroleum before shaving to eliminate the contact, this has not even started to remedy the problem.
I have also thought that it was drying from shaving this area. I started shaving every other day, but hate this especially as I am still learning my new hones. This also has not relieved the issue.
Does anyone here have any ideas as to relief? I have tried lip balms, but I feel that I need something stronger and something that doesn't look like I'm wearing lip gloss.


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Did you try an antibacterial cream like savlon? Or even and don't laugh here, nappy rash cream? Apply it at night before you retire, and if you are not planning on going out (because it is usually quite visible) through the day as well.

Good idea with the petroleum jelly it is an excellent barrier, but has no healing properties at all.

Let me know how you get on, if there's one thing I know it's skin

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery
Ralfson (Dr)


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tat2Ralfy said:
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Totally agree with the nappy rash cream. Works every time!
I've got 2 kids aged 8 and 10 and we still buy the stuff (Sudocrem) to this day.
If it's gentle enough for a babies backside, it's perfectly good for an adults lips.
Just ensure it hasn't been in touch with the former, before applying to the latter.'s a very good product.


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I am currently attempting a generic petroleum based anti bacterial cream mostly as a barrier from our -30 deg C weather right now (it wasn't that way until I got an email from Chris).
I will try the nappy rash cream tonight, thanks. I would hate to stop shaving, even short term.


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Gerrit, i know exactly what you are going through.
-30 C.... pshawa! that aint but nothin'.... At least it's a dry cold!

I've found that I get those horrible chapped lips from the road salt they use around here. I've learned not to touch my face at all after touching the truck, or pulling my gloves off with my teeth, or touching anything near a road.
I've also found that if I use any brand of chap stick except "ChapStick" brand, plain, un-flavoured and with no extras, it tends to make it worse. And i have them with me religiously... in the truck, in my pants pocket, one in my parka, a spare in my lunch box... if it gets started... it just gets worse so the key for me is prevention.



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get some neosporine and keep appllying regularly that shit is amazing!!!! I would also advise a couple days growth around said area in order to let it heel. That's all there is to that.:sleep:

happy turkey day, enjoy.


tat2Ralfy said:
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Maybe if you skipped that pink tutu in favour of some winter clothing by Mammut, Schoeffel and Meindl + a balaclava, you wouldn't. You wuss. We feel just fine, despite the Baltic Sea wind.


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It is the dry cold that is causing the problems. I am in Washington. I live in a town isolated from the waters by hills. This area gets fairly cold in winter and fairly hot in summer.
I tried the nappy rash cream last night. It worked great, but I have to find some that is water soluble. Removing it caused problems and I looked like I was foaming at the mouth and it dried. I made myself some lip butter last night with some antibiotics in it same stuff that is contained in neosporin. It is working well.
A huge thanks to the great doctor and everyone. I will start growing a 'stache until it clears and will update on progress.

Back to the turkey.