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new Willi video


Well-Known Member
I can hardly believe the ease he's doing it with. And how effortless it looks, wow. But, seems like he's gifted with quite forgiving skin, too?



Well-Known Member
If my razor would glide through my beard like his does, I could probably shave like that too! :lol:

The guys with baby hair make it look easy. :p


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My razors cut through hair like that, and believe me my beard is man style hair :sleep:

Ralfson (Dr)


Well-Known Member
Willi is the man.

I liked his first video better, but his second still shows the speed and control of somebody that has been doing it for years.


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Notice Willi has quite a long beard when he makes his demonstrations. Lumberjacks do the same thing when they compete at shaving with an axe. I think the full beard holds moisture much better, the beard is super soft and his skin is obviously in good shape. The longer I wait to shave, the closer to perfect it seems to be. We also don't know how much he is pushing the razor through the shave. None of the above diminish his skill which is obvious to me.


Another great video from Willi. His technique really is something and, apparently, matched by his musical taste.