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Nov. 24th - Nov. 30th 2019

  • Floid Pre Shave Oil
  • Klar Mandel RS
  • Simpson Commodore x3
  • R41 / Perma Sharp
  • Tabac AS
  • Tabac EdC
  • Fasan nr. 121(?)
  • Polsilver Super Iridium
  • J&T Marblewood Tuxedo
  • Stirling - Arkadia
  • Stirling ASB - Arkadia
  • Loris - So Oud
BBS and DFS rollend in one, two rounds was all it needed, no touch-up. Now i need all other Fasan Models, i love this razor, smooth shaving, with bladefeel without being cut-throat.
The Stirling Arkadia is a lovely scented soap, it vaguely reminds me of the stuff my granny used to polish her expensive wooden furniture, quite a heady smell daumenh!. Its companion ASB is at first different, it reminds me of fresh baked bread, but the woody notes take over soon. The loris is to strong to leave any remnants of the Arkadia peek trough, a bit of a shame, i have to consider to get the Arkadia Splash & EdT.
Semogue SOC Badger Cherrywood,
BdF Distinto,
RazoRock Game Changer 0.84-P,
Saddle Stainless Blades 5th x,
Rebul Dark Spice,
Weleda Aftershave Balsam,
Loris E-181 Noir Man.


Brush and soap:
Semogue SOC Badger Cherrywood and BdF Distinto:
There are some of these predictable factors that you know in advance how it will work out. The Semogue SOC Badger Cherrywood with BdF Distinto is one of them. Leave the brush to moisten in warm water and then load it firmly from the Distinto pot. This good beating in a ribbed bowl, in this case my Polish, provides a beautifully shearing and civilized scented foam. When my database spits out this soap as soap of the day, I feel like shaving in advance.
Blade and razor:
The Saddle Stainless Blades for the 5th x used.
The Saddle Stainless Blades performed quite well this 5th time. However, it did disappear into the piggy bank, because a good result required the necessary attention and I keep the last 3 in my collection box for museum blades, because these are irreplaceable. The RazoRock Game Changer 0.84-P takes every blade to a better level and with the Saddle Stainless Blades it was, but taking out the 6th turn is too much for this blade.
Result: DFS.
Finally: The Rebul Dark Spice gives a nice spicy final note, the Weleda Aftershave Balsam softens the skin and the Loris E-181 Noir Man takes the flavor from the Distinto again nicely up.

Shaving Soap: Acqua Di Parma
After Shave: Acqua Di Parma
Eau de Toilette: 4711 Lemon & Ginger

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 26 mm. Fan Silvertip Badger DO1

DE-Razor: ATT S1
DE- Blade: Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus 4x

Yes, you always have to be careful not to come across as a show-off or exaggerator or snob or whatever you can be in someone else's eyes in some opinions. :blush
Especially if the shaving cream and Aftershave to be discussed means a considerable financial loss in the hobby wallet.

So may I say carefully that the new Acqua Di Parma without any reservation is by far my best shaving cream.

What a magnificent complex scent this cream has and also the lather doesn't drop a single stitch.
And if there is also a very slight cooling of pearling menthol crystals can be observed. Then many people probably understand why this Sunday shaving cream as the Utrecht “Dom” Tower is my ultimate number 1.
M-keramiek scuttle
Abzehk boar brush
Cella shaving soap
Puma 9 5/8
Vdh alum
Thayer's witch hazel
Pinaud clubman, arko sensitive balm

The Puma was sharp enough. A few hours later my skin feels a little tense.
A nice warm shave .
Polish scutlle
The Grooming Company Synthetic Brush .
Stirling Soap ( gift from The King )
Pearl OC DE .
Personna Platinum Blade ( 6 ).
Rebul Mandarin Cologne .
Smooth in 2 passes , and this is not the first time with a Pearl .
Cheap , but verry good .
The 3e pass , was for fun , and to use some more amazing soap , smells great . :daumenhoch:daumenhoch

Wish you a nice day .


  • 20191124_184427.jpg
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AP Shave Co Synbad 30 mm
Jack Dean Eucaplytus & Tea Tree
Bolzano Superinox (2)
Humprey’s Astringent
Myrsol Don Carlos 1972 + Emulsion

Jack Dean has a very good scent. I do like Tea Tree. The Lutz continues tot deliver great shaves. Have a good day!
Balea rasieröl
Yaqi synthetic brush
Palmolive shaving stick
Razorock Hawk V2 + schick p-30
Vdh alum
Thayer's witch hazel
Biocura Man contant green, vdh balsem

@dajd94 good to read that the Lutz delivers good results. I have one myself. I'll have to use it in the near future. Posts are always an inspiratie to select stuff.
Razor: FaTip Grande OC
Blade: Wilkinson Sword (1)
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: Edwin Jagger Inox
Soap: Caola Shaving Cream
Brush: Rossmann Badger
Aftershave: Vergulde Hand Alum
Aftershave: DM Fresh After Shave
Aftershave: DM Q10 Energy After Shave Balsem
EDT: None

Because of the very hard water my lather was disappeared fast. Tomorrow I will use more cream.
Rod Neep Silvertip extra dense LE 2014 #07/12 Shasoc,
Stirling Grapefruit extra Menthol,
Gillette New Made in England,
Sharp Durablade HI Chromium 1st x,
Pinaud-Clubman Citrus Musk Eau de Cologne,
Mennen Baume Energisant,
Loris E-048 Cool Water.


Brush and soap:
Rod Neep Silvertip extra dense LE 2014 #07/12 Shasoc and Stirling Grapefruit extra Menthol:
Fresh and fruity foam this morning. The Rod Neep Silvertip extra dense LE 2014 #07/12 Shasoc with the Stirling Grapefruit extra Menthol, a glacial, special extra with menthol provided at our request, is a particularly refreshing start to the day.
Blade and razor:
The Sharp Durablade HI Chromium for the 1st x used.
The Sharp Durablade HI Chromium for the 2nd time in use. I got a few test blades of this and the previous one went 6x with it and it felt well enough. So I am curious. Turn 1 was not wrong, more than sufficient. In the Gillette New Made in England the Sharp Durablade HI Chromium is not too effective for me. Something sensitive to the angle, but that can clearly be due to the razor, which runs best, when the head is almost flat on the skin.
Result: BBS.
Finally: The freshness is extended with Pinaud-Clubman Citrus Musk Eau de Cologne. Lubricate and massage with Mennen Baume Energisant and a nice scent of the Loris E-048 Cool Water.
Good start of the week.

Pre-Shave: Prep
Shaving Soap: WCS Pear-Brrrr Shoppe
After Shave: Williams Fresh Control

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 28 mm. Fan Silvertip 2 Badger

DE-Razor: ATT S1
DE- Blade: Treet Carbon Black Beauty

It's suddenly there that new shaving soap or cream that has a positive effect on your mood soap from the moment you open the jar until well after the shave.

The West Coast Shaving Pear-Brrrrrr Shoppe is a fine example of this.
A very different but so delicious barbershop smell in which clearly the fresh not too sweet smell of pears is noticeable.

Then there is also a very slight menthol cooling that makes the skin feel fresh during the shave.

Also the shaving properties are more than Excellent so a soap that comes high in the ranking. :yes_nicken

The ATT S1 with a Treet Carbon Black Beauty knife joined in cheerfully because this is a fantastic combination.
Stirling 26/54,
Stirling Hipster,
Paradigm 17-4,
PolSilver Super Iridium (1),
Stirling Hipster post shave.


Nice to shave; a little late today ...
I had to bring my mother to the hospital early this morning unexpectedly.
But fortunately all is well!

The shave, again, was a little rough. This is not a good combination. Off course I should have known, since last week.