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Oh noes, it happened again!


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Okey, so I bought a coticule as a birtday present for one of my best friends who's also a carpenter. I asked Maurice for a fast stone and it's exactly what he sent me. He said it's a La Dressante but I think it could very well be a glued Les Latneuses looking at the brownish inclusion on one of the sides. But anyway, it's a very nice stone. It's a bit slower than my stones on just water but it's blazing fast on slurry and leaves a wickedly sharp edge even on modern A2 tool steel. It's also very thick. The coticule layes is 18 mm at the thickest point and 16 mm at the thinnest point. The part that really sucks is I now have to hand it over to my friend :p :|



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I edited your post so that the pictures show up better (just added "=800" after the opening "img" tags).

By the way, it looks like a La Dressante to me.


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That sure is a nice looking stone. What a great gesture to give such a fine gift to a friend. Your friend is in for a treat and will likely remember your friendship every time he uses it.


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whitebar said:
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He sure is. I couldn't resist using it on some of my other chisels and this stone is amazing. These are all chisels made from A2 steel @ 61-62RC so they're fairly hard but the stone removes metal quite fast. On only water there's almost no slurry being formed because the swarfs of metal are completely black. On slurry it's even faster. After just a few strokes the slurry is a deep dark grey wich is a perfect speed for setting a new bevel. I now again have to depart from a stone I would love to own myself. Oh noes, it happened again! :p