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OLD Ardennes Quarry Article?


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Hi All

I have found this article when I google searched "Les Latneuses". Please check it out and tell me what you think. Its definately about coticules, and I think there is a vein layout map in there. You can translate it to english directly from google but this doesnt show the pics. Ill put up both links :thumbup:

French (I think)


It's an excerpt of a book, published in 2007 by the Belgian National Institute for Science, Geological Survey. It entirely deals with the Slate and Coticule mining industry in the Belgian Vielsalm Area. (Of course I have my copy :) ).
"Burton Rocks" was the name of Ardennes Coticule, before Maurice Celis saved it from bankruptcy in the early 90's.
The list indeed sums the names of the Coticule layers that are accessible at the Ol'Preu quarry.

I believe the book is still available for order at the National Science Institute.

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Absolutely Awesome!!:thumbup:
did you notice how the Chaps name is "Prosper" hahaha you couldnt write that shit haha

Anyway what a wonderful piece of history, I REALLY love old photo's of industry and all that gleaming! thanks for that