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One big, honkin', coticule!!!!


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I had vowed to myself that I wouldn't be buying any more cotis........until I saw this for sale: :thumbup:

It's a 175mm x 50mm natural combo stone. It has a total thickness of over 30mm!!! The coti 'layer' is over 17mm thick throughout!!

I say coti 'layer' because there are many sub-layers in this one, as can be seen from the side shots.

The top has a pinkish tinge, but when wet the sides are smiley yellow. Sorry, but the white balance on the pics sucks.

I have no idea how it will hone, and I don't know what layer it's from, but man! I just couldn't resist buying it!!

Tell me what you think. Layer? How many generations before I hit the 'hidden' layers? :lol: :lol:







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[warn]I know this layer!
it belongs to "Les Vienes Des Poisenes"
They are beautiful yet highly toxic!
I must insist you send it to me for safe disposal[/warn]


Beautiful chunky girl you have there Johann, hopefully one more knowledgeable than I will identify for you

Ralfson (Dr)


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La Petite Blanche. I saw that and was in awe. But money does not grow in my back yard. I don't even have a back yard.


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I have a cousin of it. I will post pictures later. I don't have the heart to cut it, even though that was my original plan.


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La Petite Blanche.

It looks like it's coming from the same part of the layer as the clouded one I posted in the "Coticule Selection" thread. Ardennes is currently mining the lowest part of the layer, at the very belly bottom of the sinusoidal curve the layers make. Weird things are going down there. Some layers seem to be almost fused together, said Maurice. It's quite a unique situation, and it delivers some beautiful hones.

Congratulations Yohann,



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I have to wonder if LPB is always the chunkiest layer. Mine which I will be buried with is still 28mm after several lapping and extensive use. Congratulations on finding such a healthy stone Johann.


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Thanks, gentlemen. I'm pretty pleased with this rock myself. :)

To the guys who guessed (or knew) that it came from The Superior Shave ---- you are right!! I saw it on there while I was looking at the Les Latneuses bouts. I thought it may be a LPB (by comparison with one rock in the vault), and so I bought it.

LPB has to be a preferred vein with me, so I couldn't pass this up.

Bart, Jared and everyone else: thanks for clarifying the vein with me. I look forward to putting this one to the test.

Oh! I know there are larger coticules out there, but it was pretty impressive to see this in the flesh. :thumbup:



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whitebar said:
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Yep, on a couple of razors. It was wonderful to use it. It has a faint sense of abrasion, and the edge was excellent. Pretty quick cutter.

I'll also admit that I love looking at this stone too. It's so pretty!! :love: