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one day two day and three day growth


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How do you guys find the differance? when shaving a 1 to 3 day growth.

I mainly shave every other day. I find one day growth a piece of cake. two day growth comes of with ease. three day growth comes of with with ease but there is a little more resistants, just a tiny bit no tuging or pulling.Just seems like the edge is under a little stress due to more stubble. Now this will depend on the the texture of your wiskers . I have a good stubble no where near fine but no where near wire about medium/thick. I have tryed four day growth and i get the same result as about three day growth. Its a long time since i used my de razor but if i remember rightly i got similar resistants with 3 day growth.


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Same goes for me mate, I shave everyday but get better shaves if I leave it till 2nd day, I find my stubble is medium/thick and 1 day growth is no probs, 2 day growth is a little tougher but no problem I actually think it cuts better on the 2nd day, 3 days is tougher again with a little pulling.

I used to think 2 days growth was a better shave because the blade had something to go at but I really think its down to skin condition


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Just how i finding . I just needed to see what other people find.Third day once i've done my first pass it just whips the wiskers of my face. I supose the longer and thicker the stubble gets the razor has to work a little harder.It's like cutting grass you leave it to long and its much harder. If i'm honing a razor i always test on two day growth.


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Easiest for me if I shave everyday, it gets more difficult with each day that passes. But I still shave every other day because I am lazy.


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I find the same is true. I usually shave every other day as well, and I find that it gives me the best shave. If I shave on the first day, the blade just glides over my face. On the third day and beyond it is a little tougher to guide the blade through the whiskers. I don't really have to push the blade much harder, just give it more time to cut with each stroke.
I also find a difference in the blades I use on different beard growth. I get a much* closer shave from a very hollow razor on the first day (As opposed to a thicker ground razor). On two days growth, any razor of sufficient sharpness seems to shave equally well. Beyond that the very hollow ground razors lose out just a liitle bit on shave quality. Anything thicker than a 1/4 hollow works just fine.

*Edit: Much closer is definately an exaggeration. Should be slightly closer.


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Rosco said:
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Thats what I find too, although I dont get a closer shave with the hollow, the wedge is for sure happier on heavy growth, I believe the Hollows flex more at the very edge when faced (sic) with heavy stubble :thumbup:


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I never classify my beard in terms of thickness since I seen a thread that asked if you have ever rubbed another mans beard to compare it to yours (which I haven't :p ) so I usally just say I have a fast growing beard B)

I shave everyday because I like the shave and because I have a lot of razors I need to try out ;) but it does leave my skin a tad tender because of it.

I do find I get the best feeling shaving though when i shave every other day. 2 or more days growth doesn't really give me any problems with the blade (tugging, pulling etc) but rather feels a little harsh on my skin when I finish.

I believe this is because if you shave everyday you skin doesn't have a chance to heal. Likewise if you wait a number of days for instance 3 and then shave your skin hasn't had a blade run across it in a few days so now is tender from the new experience.

So shaving every other day gives enough time for the skin to heal while still leaving it ready to be shaved again without any irritation. That is my opinion of how it works anyway