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Osborne, Garrett & CO. LTD, London (Kropp, Ogee, Elmo, Carrara u.a.)


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Of the makers Osborne, Garrett & Co I've only ever seen KROPP branded razors, but these are certainly worthwhile owning. Terrific stuff.
The one I still own is a 8/8 razor that used to be part of a 7-day set. Funny thing, at the time I got it, I was not sure enough of my honing capabilities. Brought it to someone who cetainly did know what he was doing, he happened to have the Tuwsdayrazor of this set.
Here's mine, 26mm before honing, here's Thursday:
DSC00525.JPG DSC00526.JPG DSC00527.JPG DSC00528.JPG DSC00529.JPG DSC00530.JPG DSC00531.JPG