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Paul Drees, Solingen (Adresso, Dreifuss, Sistrum


Blade Whisperer
Since some colleagues apparently keep their Drees razors hidden, I will start with this. Unfortunately I cannot tell you much about the company Paul Drees Friseurwerkzeuge in Solingen. You can research that one of the last living "great razor grinders", Werner Breidenbach, was trained as grinder at Drees and that the company closed its doors forever at the turn of the millennium.

Anyway, I was now able to get hold of a well preserved Adresso from Paul Drees. 6/8" full hollow ground with celluloid scales (which are however very intact, but as a precautionary measure were treated with Nivea(Man)). The enclosed cardboard slipcase, which according to the seller is still the original of this Razor, is covered with fabric and based on the pattern I would say: Roaring 1960s.

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