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Pfeilring was a brand by Paul Müller and Paul Adolph Schmidt. Müller started in 1896, and in 1900 together with Schmidt, he founded Pfeilring. They continued until 2018, when they were acquired by InCase, a company in Essen, Germany. The Pfeilring brand still exists. I think Pfeilring used to have something to do with Goldachs as well.
Pfeilring razors often came in luxurious sets, complete with everything you might need for your nails. Here's a set complete with shipper:
DSC04852.JPG DSC04853.JPG DSC04854.JPG DSC04855.JPG DSC04857.JPG DSC04858.JPG DSC04860.JPG DSC04861.JPG DSC04863.JPG DSC04864.JPG DSC04865.JPG DSC04866.JPG DSC04867.JPG DSC04868.JPG DSC04869.JPG DSC04870.JPG
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