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Prices of stones in the Vault


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Maurice Celis of Ardennes Coticule just send me the price list of the hones in the Vault.

Please beware that the hones are sold by Ardennes.

I am trying to make this as uncomplicated at possible for the people of Ardennes.

So here's what I will do. I am going write each hone's number on top of it (in pencil). When I return them (probably before October 10th), I'll hand the guys at Ardennes a list. That list will contain one buyer for each hone. Hones that have no buyer by then will be returned just the same. Ardennes might be prepared to keep them available for a while, but that's entirely up to them. Once they have the hones and the list, Ardennes will contact the buyers to make the payment (beware that there will be additional shipping costs)
Please understand that
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to actually make the purchase you called for. It would be sad if I have to disappoint someone that was really going to buy a hone, if you came first only to back out of the deal.

If you previously contacted me about one of these, you will receive e-mail about it, if you are first on the list. As soon as a hone is spoken for, I'll edit this post.
1. €73 (already spoken for: Jens)
2. €159 (already spoken for: Ray)
3. €53 (already spoken for: Gary)
4. €58 (already spoken for: Kris)
5. €102 (already spoken for: BabyDom)
6. €38 (already spoken for: Connor)
7. €38 (already spoken for: Justin)
8. €159 (already spoken for: Jeff)
9. €73 (already spoken for: Dave)
10. €155 (already spoken for: Ralfy)
11. €42 (already spoken for: MisterDarcy)
12. €74 (already spoken for: Ivan (blade13))
13. select: €53
14. €42 (already spoken for: Matis)
15. €42 (already spoken for: straightrazordave)
16. €42 (already spoken for: straightrazordave)
17. select: €38 (already spoken for: Doleeo)
18. €30 (already spoken for: Kishti22)
19. €57 (already spoken for: smythe)
20. €57 (already spoken for: straightrazordave)
21. select: €38 (already spoken for:GaryHaywood)
23. €38 (already spoken for: Richmondesi)
24. select: €98 (already spoken for: BHChieftain)
25. €30 (already spoken for: Matis)
26. select: €38 (already spoken for: Maro)
28. €57 (already spoken for: rhframpton)
29. select: €53 (already spoken for: towliff)
30. €74
31. select: €98 (already spoken for: rhframpton)
32. select: €53 (already spoken for: jonnyangel)
33. €42 (already spoken for: mbwhoosh)
34. €58 (already spoken for: standardgewehr)
35. select: €98 (already spoken for: wrl)
36. select: €42 (already spoken for: richmondesi)
38. select: €108 (already spoken for: Dorian)
39. select: €53 (already spoken for: StraightrazorDave)
40. select: €53 (already spoken for:: Malacoda)
45. select: €53 (already spoken for:: Blade13)
46. select: (reserved: Richmondesi)
47. select: €38
49. special price: €100 (reserved Richmondesi)
50. special price: €50
51. select - Burton Series: €127(already spoken for:: BluntOtrauma)
52. select: €98(already spoken for:: Victorious)
53. select: €125(already spoken for:: Blade13)
54. select - Burton Series: (already spoken for: Gary)
55. select - Burton Series: (already spoken for: Bart)


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I call #7!!! That is a beautiful stone! I thought it would be small for that price, but it is a perfect size at an amazing price.:w00t:


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justin said:
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Indeed it is. My fingers have been itching all day to write my own name behind this baby. I'm glad someone has put me out of my misery.;) You are going to be very pleased with this one. It should be worth thrice that price and I believe it will, one day...


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I was just getting ready to put my name in on #7. I had some extra cash come up...Oh well, enjoy it Justin.


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JimR said:
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B) I will. I usually lose out on these race for prize dealios, because I'm not one of those people that sits there clicking the refresh button like some people do at that one 'Furry Forum'. Now the wait is going to kill me. :D

Thanks for the opportunity Bart.


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WOW JUSTIN!!!!! I saw this stone and fell in love with it. Congrats on your acquisition.
I love the colored spots on it. It needs a special name.
Bill W


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[warn]Price Correction[/warn]

Today I brought hones N°1 to N°10 back to Ardennes Coticule. Upon going through the stones, it was discovered that they accidentally priced N°10 as "select" grade, while it should be "standard" grade. The correct price for N°10 is €150.

To whomever might be in the market for a large Coticule:
This is the easiest Coticule I have ever tried. The sharpness level when coming off slurry on this hone is better than any other current specimen in the Vault. Using N°10, one could actually shave straight off slurry, something that cannot be expected off most other Coticules. They need additional procedures to deliver their legendary edges. Of course N°10 will also benefit from those additional procedures, as described in the Coticule Sharpening Academy.
Apart from all that, this is a natural combo, and the BBW side is one of the best layers (Yes they have layers too:O )
N°10 is one amazing piece of rock! I did not for nothing searched for "La Veinette" Coticules when I went through Ardennes' stock today.

Please understand that I make no profit whatsoever on the sales of any of these Coticules. But I do love to find a good home for these beautiful hones.:rolleyes:


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Hi Bart
Is there any chance of an update on these stones i.e which are available etc?
Am I to understand that all 10 are going back, or is it just the sold ones? also any idea when you will re-stock the vault?
I myself would forever cherish #10, but cannot afford it at this time, man I would hate to see such a wonderful specimen slip away :cry:


No.10 is prohibitively expensive (about $295 aussie dollars with delivery). However, given its rather luxurious width, would it be just possible to cut it lenghtwise (of course if you and Rob Maurice agree)and go halfs? That would be 75 euro for 20cm x 3.75cm. If you want to go halfs with me I'll email Rob with the request to cut the stone. Not the best scenario,(its a beautifull stone)but affordable.
Best regards,


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All 10 hones are back at Ardennes. The guys that bespoke one, will be contacted by Ardennes about their purchase, if they haven't done so already.

If you guys decide to split n°10 and Ardennes goes along, who am I to argue with that? :)
But it might no be necessary.
I've brought a whole bunch of Coticules back home, for further expansion of the Vault. I've selected quite a few "La veinette" ones, because n°10 turned out such an easy going hone. I have also selected primarily bouts of size8, because most members showed an interest in affordable hones, and that's just what a long and narrow (within reason) size8 has to offer. I believe they'll cost about €40...



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Thank You Both :)

However 1 of the things that makes #10 so attractive to me is its size, of course reading Bart's description it sounds as if performance wise it is just perfect, but at only 3.5cm wide (dont forget the thickness of the stone saw blade) I am afraid for me the appeal is lost

The problem is I have a coti bout that I use and although I love the way it performs I find its size (14cm long, 5.5cm at its widest, and 4cm at the narrow end) a little inconvenient:


I dare say some one with more skill and experience than me would find it a joy to use, I however find it frustrating at times, and a healthy size like # 10 would I believe float my boat a lot more.

I also have a 6cm X 20cm bbw which is for me the perfect size, I can use different strokes if I need to, and can hold it comfortably in my left palm ace!
it is however not a yellow coti so has limited uses :(

Now #10 has the best of both worlds, nice size for me, awesome performance on the coti side, and its a bbw combo!
Now thats a stone for me!!

I would be very happy to sell both my stones to help raise funds for #10, but cut in half? its not for me, and to be totally honest it would IMHO seem like a real shame that such a beautiful thing should be halved.

Thanks again Guys


I see No.10 went to Ralfy. Congrats. I wanted that stone so bad I couldn't sleep. You got me out of my misery. Thanks.
I will just wait for a smaller stone to pop up.


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Glad your cool Buddy, yeah my Beautiful Alicia saw my misery and asked mr visa to help out :thumbup: man that stone looks like a for life keeper
You could always buy my bout? before it goes on Egay
Best wishes to ya Ivan